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E-Commerce Flyer Templates, Tips & Best Practices

E-Commerce Flyer Templates, Tips & Best Practices

Leaflet advertising for E-Commerce 

When you start an E-commerce business, it can be tempting to advertise it only online. After all, it's easy for users to click on digital marketing ads or organic results and go to your website. However, that might not be the best marketing strategy. Many potential customers don't pay attention to online ads because there are so many of them, and they are short-lived. In fact, JICMail studies show doordrops outshine digital ads and TV spots, with an average interaction time of 46 seconds. In fact, the best marketing strategy is one that targets multiple channels in order to get the best reach.

Leaflet distribution for E-commerce businesses is an incredibly efficient method for connecting with potential customers. It offers a rapid turnaround, as short as 3 weeks, ensuring your message promptly reaches your target audience. Additionally, it serves as a cost-effective marketing solution, promising a substantial return on investment. This allows you to achieve your marketing objectives while keeping your budget in check.

E-commerce businesses can use leaflet advertising for:

  • Boosting Online Sales
  • Enhancing Customer Loyalty
  • Introducing New Products
  • Promoting Special Events
  • Increasing Customer Engagement

Leafletdrop has helped several E-commerce businesses drive new sales with our easy-to-use, smart targeting tool. With Leafletdrop, you can book an entire leaflet distribution campaign for your shop or online store online, in minutes.

What's more, we partner with Royal Mail for distribution, ensuring your leaflets never compete on the doormat but instead engage potential customers effectively. 

E-commerce Leaflet Templates

Here are some examples of E-commerce flyer designs to inspire your campaign.

leaflet template for E-commerce

leaflet template for E-commerce

leaflet template for E-commerce

If you need design services for your E-commerce leaflet campaign, you can either fill out our creative brief or reach out to us directly, and one of our experienced Leafleteers will be happy to assist you.

Additionally, you can also design your own E-commerce leaflets with our online leaflet design tool. With a wide range of templates, our design tool is built on leaflet advertising best practices. ​​​

Leafletdrop Offer
Leafletdrop Offer

Discover your perfect leaflet design!

Browse our array of leaflet template designs and save your favourites for your next leaflet advertising campaign

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What to include on a flyer for E-Commerce

When it comes to the E-commerce industry, crafting effective leaflet content is the key to achieving your campaign goals. Whether you want to drive online sales, boost brand awareness, or engage customers, your leaflet's content plays a pivotal role. For example, captivating product descriptions and clear calls to action can work wonders in increasing sales, while sharing customer testimonials builds trust. In this digital age, your leaflet acts as a 24/7 sales representative, so every word counts.

Here are some key elements to keep in mind while designing your E-commerce flyer:

1. Captivating Product Images

High-quality images of your products are a must to grab attention.

2. Concise Product Descriptions

Clearly explain what you're offering and its benefits.

3. Branding

Remember to include your branding and offers on every page of the design to ensure it doesn’t get lost when landing on the doormat.

4. Compelling Headline

Create a catchy headline that piques interest.

5. Clear Call to Action (CTA)

Guide readers on what to do next, like "Shop Now" or "Get 20% Off."

6. Contact Information

Include your website, phone number, and email for easy inquiries.

7. Special Offers

Highlight discounts, promotions, or exclusive deals.

8. Social Media Links

Connect with your audience on various platforms.

9. Customer Testimonials

Showcase positive reviews to build trust.

10. QR Codes

Enable quick access to your online store or special offers.

These elements can help your E-commerce flyer effectively engage your audience and drive results.

What not to include

While there are many possibilities for content inclusion, it's equally important to be mindful of what not to include on your E-commerce flyer. To ensure your message is impactful and effective, consider avoiding the following:

1. Excessive Text

Avoid overcrowding your flyer with too much text; keep it concise and scannable.

2. Irrelevant Information

Stick to content related to your products or promotions; don't stray off-topic.

3. Confusing Design

Stay away from cluttered layouts or confusing visuals that can deter readers.

4. Small Fonts

Ensure text is legible by avoiding overly small fonts.

5. Outdated Information

Keep your flyer current by avoiding outdated offers or details.

6. Industry Jargon

Use language that your target audience can easily understand; avoid excessive jargon.

7. Unappealing Visuals

Use professional and high-quality images; avoid low-resolution or unattractive visuals.

8. Multiple CTAs

Stick to one clear call to action to avoid confusion.

9. Negative Content

Avoid negative or controversial messages that may alienate potential customers.

10. Lack of Contact Details

Always include contact information for inquiries or support.

The Benefits of leaflet distribution for E-Commerce

 Businesses are always looking for ways to boost their sales through effective marketing. E-commerce companies, in particular, find leaflet distribution to be an impactful approach that helps them connect with potential customers on a personal level, leading to meaningful interactions and increased sales.

1. Targeted Reach

E-commerce businesses can precisely target households that are more likely to convert into customers based on their online shopping behaviour, demographics, and preferences. This ensures a higher return on investment (ROI) for marketing campaigns.

2. Promote Exclusive Offers

Leaflets are an excellent way to showcase exclusive discounts, deals, and promotions to a specific audience, driving traffic to your online store and increasing sales.

3. Highlight New Products

When introducing new products or collections, leaflets allow you to create excitement and anticipation among your target audience, encouraging them to explore your latest offerings.

4. Drive Online Traffic

By strategically including website URLs, QR codes, or app download links, E-commerce businesses can seamlessly guide potential customers to their online platforms, increasing web traffic and conversions. 

5. Customer Retention

Leaflets can also be used to reinforce customer relationships by including loyalty program details, product recommendations, and customer testimonials, encouraging repeat business.

These benefits make leaflet distribution an invaluable tool for E-commerce companies looking to expand their reach, drive sales, and build lasting customer relationships.

The cost of leaflet advertising for E-Commerce

Just like any other business, managing costs is a vital aspect of E-commerce businesses. The idea is to ensure every penny is spent efficiently, allowing you to invest in top-notch product offerings, optimise your packaging and shipping processes, and expand your customer support team. 

That's where leaflet distribution comes into play. It not only offers a cost-effective marketing method but also provides an excellent return on investment (ROI). With its targeted approach, you can reach potential customers precisely where they are, maximising the chances of converting them into loyal buyers. By allocating your resources wisely, you can harness the full potential of leaflet distribution, effectively enhancing your business while keeping your costs in check.

Now, a question that often crosses the minds of prospective advertisers is: What is the cost of a leaflet distribution campaign? Well, the costs will depend on a number of different factors, including the number of households you want to reach, the paper type you choose for your leaflets and whether you require leaflet printing.

To make things simpler, Leafletdrop offers a handy pricing calculator. It helps you estimate the cost of your upcoming E-commerce leaflet campaign with ease.

Leafletdrop case study
Leafletdrop case study

"Obtained new customer acquisitions within the local area"

Arnold Clark

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