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Top 5 Tips to Make a Leaflet Campaign Successful

Top 5 Tips to Make a Leaflet Campaign Successful

When planning a leaflet campaign for your business, whether you are looking to promote a sale, or just get more foot traffic, it is vital you consider an effective leaflet distribution strategy. With so much competition, it’s important to make sure your campaign stands out to potential customers once it has landed on their doormat. 

Here are some key distribution tips you can follow when launching the perfect leaflet campaign:

The Top 5 Key Tips When Planning your Leaflet Distribution Strategy

1. Be strategic with your leaflet design

A staggering 92% of people read the door drops delivered to their homes by Royal Mail, but to ensure that yours is one of them, strategic leaflet design is key to ensuring your campaign gives a lasting impression.

Who Gives a Crap produced 4 different standout postcards and Leafletdrop helped them to distribute their campaign to 200,000 targeted households.
The branding, visual, stock quality and humorous messaging ensured the householder could clearly understand the message and action.

You can discover more on our leaflet design tips here.


2. Give Discounts to Attract New Customers

Offering a discount or special deal is a great way to attract new customers and entice your leaflet audience.
By including a tailored promotional code, coupon, or special offer within your leaflet depending on user group or area, you’ll be able to gather more data about who is responding to your leaflet campaign.

Quick Tip: It’s important the discount codes you use don’t expire too quickly, so consider this when making the code live or deactivating it.

3. Consider a Multi-Drop Leaflet Strategy

Considering a Multi-Drop Strategy is an excellent way of increasing brand presence and making the most of your leaflet advertisement.

The option to deliver more than one leaflet in the space of a month can help increase the engagement and response rates of a campaign. Although the branding should remain consistent, the second leaflet drop could be altered to provide further campaign messaging, helping to reinforce your brand’s identity. This is a particularly valuable strategy once you have data from your first drop to tell you which areas or demographics particularly responded to your first campaign.

Did you know? At Leafletdrop, we can assist you in the varying designs of a Multi-Drop campaign strategy. Sign in to book your next campaign or sign up to see what leaflets could do for your business!

4. Consider your target Audience carefully

Picking the right target audience for your leaflet distribution is essential in creating a successful leaflet campaign.

Delivering a non-targeted leaflet distribution campaign means you can’t tell if you are marketing to the right people or even in the right area. Planning a campaign with targeted distribution turns a leaflet into a mature marketing campaign and lets you strategise by choosing your target audience.

Our tool shows you the best areas to target to reach your ideal demographics. Leafletdrop offers targeted advertising campaigns, meaning your leaflets are delivered to the right hands, not to the bottom of the recycling bin.

5. Choose the Best Leaflet Distribution Partner

Consider who will be distributing your leaflets. Local distributors can be cost effective but do not guarantee all your leaflets will end up on your target doormats. Royal Mail can be slightly more expensive but guarantees your distributions and delivers your leaflets alongside the post.

Plan your next Leafletdrop campaign today!

At Leafletdrop, you can use our smart targeting tool which allows you to locate the households most likely to respond to your campaign.

We support our customers through the design process. Our experienced team of leaflet experts are on hand to ensure your leaflet campaign stays on-brand, is fit for purpose and is visually pleasing to make the biggest impact possible in the shortest space of time.

When it comes to circulating your campaign, Leafletdrop use reliable door-to-door leaflet distribution by Royal Mail. With Leafletdrop and Royal Mail leaflet distribution, you can rest assured that your campaign will reach the right doormats, on time and on budget.

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Following these five leaflet distribution tips will help you further get the most out of you advertising campaign, and don’t forget, Leafletdrop lets you plan, book and pay for an entire campaign online, in minutes. Sign up today to plan your campaign and put the advice from this article into action.

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