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Getting Your Leaflets to Royal Mail

Getting Your Leaflets to Royal Mail

By booking your leaflet print and distribution campaign with Leafletdrop, you really can sit back and relax, safe in the knowledge that your marketing campaign is in the hands of the leading leaflet distribution company in the UK.

Not only can you book your targeted leaflet distribution campaign through Leafletdrop’s free online targeting tool, but we can organise leaflet design, print your leaflets, package them, organise proof-of-delivery and even deliver your leaflets to the Royal Mail Door to Door offices for campaign distribution!

All you have to do is sign up to Leafletdrop for free, select your target audiences using our household targeting tool, confirm your campaign and let us do the rest!

If you have arranged to print your leaflets elsewhere and only want to use Leafletdrop’s targeting tool and leaflet distribution service, then you will need to deliver your leaflets yourself to a Royal Mail Walk Bundling Centre (WBC). Royal Mail can also collect them from you. To get a quote for their collection service, please get in touch with us here.

Once you have completed your order with Leafletdrop, your very own account manager will be in touch with all the instructions you need to get your leaflets to the Royal Mail, including packing instructions, delivery addresses and deadlines.

For those who like to be organised, we have created this handy blog post on how to prepare and send your leaflets to the Royal Mail WBC:

Find out how cost effective leaflets can be using Leafletdrop's pricing calculator.

How to pack your leaflets

The Royal Mail has strict packing rules for leaflet distribution, in order to comply with their health and safety requirements. We have created an easy checklist below to make sure your leaflets are packed accordingly for the Royal Mail Door to Door service:

Leaflets must be neatly and securely packed

When packing your leaflets, they must either be in a bundle or a box. If being bundled then these must be cross strapped as seen here

Royal Mail Leaflet Weight Guidelines

Maximum box weight

If boxing your leaflets, these must weigh no more than 10kg per box

Maximum bundle weight

If you are bundling your items, these must weigh no more than 6.4kg

How many leaflets can I send to the Royal Mail?

Maximum bundle quantity

If you are bundling your leaflets, do not exceed more than 500 leaflets per bundle

Box Quantity

If packing your leaflets in boxes for delivery to the Royal Mail, each box must have the same quantity of leaflets. For example, if you have 10,000 leaflets and 20 boxes, the boxes must have 500 leaflets each.

How should I label my boxes?


All boxes and bundles for the Royal Mail door drop service must have the relevant labels. Your account manager will send you these to print and attach to your packages.

Adding the campaign commencing date to your labels

If your campaign is running across more than one week, each box or bundle must have a single ‘week commencing date’ on the label. Your account manager will let you know the other details to add to your labels.

Sending your Leaflets to the Royal Mail

When sending your leaflets, there are some important checks to make to ensure your campaign goes out on time and with no added costs.

  1. All your leaflets need to be delivered to the supplied delivery addresses at least 10 days in advance of your distribution date. You can deliver your leaflets to the Royal Mail as early as 18 days in advance of your campaign commencing date.
  2. The earlier you hand over your items the better. This means the Royal Mail has a longer period to check your items over and, if there are any issues, to help you put these right before your distribution date.
  3. Deadlines are subject to change due to bank holiday periods. The Royal Mail ask to use the full delivery instructions provided by your account manager once you have completed your booking.
  4. It is also important to have your courier complete a proof of delivery (POD) and to have this signed by Royal Mail on delivery. You will be sent a POD with your delivery instructions on completion of your booking. The POD will look something like this:

Using the Royal Mail leaflet distribution service

Although there are rules for Royal Mail leaflet distribution, there are also many benefits.

  • You leaflets are delivered with the household’s normal post, at the optimal time of day. This also ensures that your leaflet is seen as the household checks through their addressed mail.
  • Your leaflets don’t have to compete with your competitors’ marketing materials. This is because the Royal Mail have strict rules that state no two competing companies can be advertised in the same area, in the same week.
  • When using the Royal Mail’s Door to Door leaflet distribution service, your leaflets will definitely be delivered because their service is closely monitored by Ofcom.

You can learn more about utilising the Royal Mail’s Door to Door leaflet distribution service in our blog article.

Advertising with Leafletdrop

Using Leafletdrop to create your leaflet advertising campaign and plan your distribution strategy enables you to access thousands of homes that are interested in your services. Delivering your business right into the palms of your potential customers.

Our unique targeting tool and end-to-end leaflet distribution service makes local marketing easy! To start your new marketing campaign, sign up today!

If you have any questions then please do visit the contact us page where you can send an enquiry, email us or call us directly.

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