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Leaflet  distribution offer  Leafletdrop
Leaflet  distribution offer  Leafletdrop

Get 10% off your client’s first campaign with code NEW10

Benefit from an additional 10% kickback on distribution costs if your client hasn’t booked with Leafletdrop or one of our distribution suppliers in the last 18 months.

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What can Leafletdrop offer my clients? 

Help your clients reach more customers and get additional revenue with Leafletdrop’s agency scheme! 

Our online Doordrop booking tool streamlines the booking process, making you a Doordrop expert in minutes. Your customers will benefit from professional household targeting, high-quality print and reliable Royal Mail distributions. We can even help with leaflet design through our third-party graphic designer!

  • Earn commission on every order 

    Leafletdrop agency partnerships drive success for your advertisers and give you a commission on every booking, with an extra 10% kickback if it’s your client’s first campaign! Start earning additional revenue in minutes with our free online leafleting tool.


  • Expert training & support

    As an agency partner, you will also get free access to our team of leafleting experts, the Leafleteers! 

    Our Leafleteers run monthly coaching webinars, Doordrop demos, and one-to-one tutorials for all our agency partners. Your team will also get access to their own hub with full admin rights to track all your campaign activity, media, and more! 


  • Free Doordrop resources

    You will also get exclusive access to our Doordrop resources, including JICMAIL media metrics. Your clients will benefit from accurate campaign planning, advanced offline targeting solutions, Leafletdrop’s patented eye-tracking software, and so much more!

Book an agency consultation

If you are an agency and would like to enquire about Leafletdrop services, please complete the form and a Leafleteer will be in touch!

Webbox success story
Webbox success story

"We save time and money by creating our own campaigns"


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Why use Leafletdrop for my campaign?

Leafletdrop makes it easy to advertise without having to manage printers and leaflet distributors or buying mailing lists. It lets you identify customers that are more likely to buy from you, plan and launch your entire campaign from the convenience of your browser. Book online, in minutes and leave everything to us. Sign up for free today.

Can I book different versions of leaflets for different areas?

Yes, with ease. You can add multiple areas to your campaign and append specific artwork versions to each area in the "Artwork & delivery dates" section.

How many households can I target in a single campaign?

The sky's the limit! Book as little or as much as you like. Our only minimum rule is that you must book at least one postcode sector. 

Where and when do I send my leaflets?

Once your booking is confirmed full delivery instructions will be provided via email. However please be aware of the following information and deadlines prior to confirming your booking on Leafletdrop: Leaflets will need to be delivered to the supplied delivery addresses at least 10 days in advance of your distribution date and can be delivered as early as 18 days in advance. The earlier you hand over your items the better. This means we have a longer period to check your items over and, if there are any issues, to help you put these right before your distribution date* *Deadlines are subject to change due to Bank Holiday periods. Please ensure that you use the delivery instructions provided once your distribution is confirmed.

What style and size can my leaflets be?

Your leaflets can be any style you like! You should consider that they cannot exceed 34.9 grams in weight, they must be under 5mm in depth and can't be over A4 (210 x 297 mm) format. However, we recommend your leaflets do not exceed 33 grams to allow for any excess moisture that may have built up before being weighed. If the item comes in larger than the above then you may be subject to overweight charges.

What percentage rebate can I get on bookings placed on Leafletdrop?

On compliant bookings, you can get 5% rebate.

How will I receive my rebate when signed up as a reseller?

You can either receive your rebate as a quarterly BACS payment, for which you would need to invoice us quoting a purchase order number, or we can deduct the 5% discount from your invoice per order you place.

Can I utilise other offers alongside my agency agreement?

Utilising other discounts would make bookings non-compliant under contracted terms and conditions, so if you were to make use of other offers then you wouldn’t receive commission as well.

How do I become a Leafletdrop reseller?

Simply contact us at and one of the Leafleteers will be in touch to discuss!

What you need to know

Why use Leafletdrop

Built by leading leaflet advertising experts, Leafletdrop gives you all the tools you need for a successful print marketing campaign.

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How much does Leafletdrop cost?

From as little as 8p* a leaflet or less, including design, targeting, printing and delivery.

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*8p per leaflet based on 50K A6 items printed on 90gsm SIlk or Gloss paper and distributed to 50,000 homes.