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Save on Leaflet Advertising Costs with Leafletdrop

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Are you feeling the pinch when it comes to your advertising budget? We know the struggle is real. With the importance of effective advertising ever-growing, businesses are constantly striving to make the most of their budgets. However, with digital marketing dominating the landscape, the question arises: Are traditional methods such as leaflet distribution still a worthwhile investment?

While it's tempting to pour resources into online campaigns, the power of print media remains undeniable. Infact, leaflets stick around in households for an impressive 6.9 days (as per JICMAIL), highlighting their enduring relevance in today's digital age. But amidst the myriad of options available, how can you ensure that your leaflet advertising strategy is not only effective but also cost-efficient?

The answer lies in precise targeting, and this is where Leafletdrop's smart targeting tool comes into play.

In this article, we'll talk about Leafletdrop's leaflet targeting tool and how it empowers advertisers to optimise their leaflet advertising costs, ensuring that every penny spent delivers maximum impact.

How Leafletdrop's smart targeting tool works

When it comes to reaching your target audience effectively, understanding their demographics, interests, and purchasing behaviours is key. With Leafletdrop’s easy-to-use targeting tool, you can precisely identify and select households that match your ideal customer profile, ensuring your leaflets land in the right hands for maximum impact.

To get started with this cost-effective advertising solution, you'll first need to create a campaign.

Step 1: Choose your campaign options.

  • Give your campaign a name.
  • Decide if you want print & distribution or distribution only.
  • Specify your leaflet size and provide the full leaflet specification for print and distribution or the individual leaflet weight for distribution only.

Campaign name.png

Leaflet Advertising Services - Leafletdrop
Leaflet Advertising Services - Leafletdrop

Go beyond industry-leading print quality

Leafletdrop offers top notch printing services with numerous paper types, weights and finishes to cater to your budget and branding needs, all FSC certified.

Print your vision

Step 2: Find your target households

Now, it's time to zoom in on your potential customers.

  • Enter a town or postcode and a desired radius/drive time.
  • Sectors will appear on the map, ready for you to select or add targeting.
  • To add targeting, select your target audience on the right-hand side of the map.
  • Choose your postcode sectors by clicking on the map or opening the tab on the right.
  • Click 'Info' for a campaign summary and potential cost savings.
  • Once you are happy with your selections, click 'Add this area'.

Find your target households.png

Step 3: Select your artwork & delivery dates.

Now, you can add your leaflet artwork and schedule your campaign distribution dates.

  • Choose your artwork by selecting 'Add artwork' (you can have different designs for different areas).
  • Pick your distribution date by selecting 'Choose launch date.' You can have different launch dates for different areas, too.

Artwork and launch date.png

  • When all your areas are complete and green, hit 'Continue to payment.' You're almost there!

Step 4: Add your details and pay

The final step is to enter your personal and business information to complete your booking. Choose your payment method, complete your details, and pay.


Once you're done, Leafletdrop will confirm your booking and keep you in the loop throughout your campaign with emails and SMS text messages.

How does Leafletdrop offer cost-saving benefits?

Now that we understand how the tool works, let's talk about how it can help you save money by minimising ad waste and reaching the right audience at the right time. With the tool’s precision targeting, your leaflets reach people who are genuinely interested in your products or services.

So, rather than your leaflets ending up with disinterested recipients, they'll be landing on the letterbox of those who are more likely to engage with what you offer.

Let us break it down further with an example. Say you want to launch a print and distribution campaign targeting seven postcode sectors, totalling 21,751 households. Now, if you add just 3,249 more households to the mix, you can bring down your distribution cost from £0.085 pence to a sweet £0.078 pence per item – you save money on the print costs too as your volume increases.

To understand this more clearly, click on the info button to see how it works.

Leafletdrop targeting tool.png

These economies of scale highlight how increasing the number of leaflets in your campaign can result in significant cost savings for both print and distribution through volume-related discounts, where the cost per leaflet decreases as the quantity ordered increases.

Leafletdrop also saves you money when you add multiple areas to a campaign. Click ‘Add This Area’ at the bottom right of your screen & you will be presented with an option to add a new one. There's no limit to the number of areas you can include, so feel free to add as many as you like to maximise your savings and reach a wider audience.

Have a look at the below example:

The campaign is titled 'Summer Festival 4', and the chosen area is labelled as 'Henley Festival V2'. For this specific area, the number of sectors, volume, and cost are specified under the area name.

Leafletdrop cost-effective targeting tool.png

The 'Total households' and 'Campaign total' reflect the combined areas you have included in the campaign thus far. When you have finished making your selections and added this area, your campaign total will update to keep you informed if you choose to add more areas.

Whether you're distributing 5000 leaflets or a larger number, our cost-efficient solution will help you make the most of your leaflet advertising budget.​​​​​

How can Leafletdrop help you?

No matter your size or sector, you can benefit from Leafletdrop's cost-effective leaflet advertising solutions and start gaining more customers with ease. Simply book your campaign online, and Leafletdrop will take care of everything from high-quality print to reliable Royal Mail distribution and all the logistics in between.

Ready to save money on your leaflet advertising costs? Try Leafletdrop's targeting tool today and watch your business grow!​​​​​​

Leafletdrop leaflet advertising services
Leafletdrop leaflet advertising services

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