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The Benefits of Royal Mail Leaflet Distribution

The Benefits of Royal Mail Leaflet Distribution

"92% of people read the door drops delivered to their home by Royal Mail"*

Leafletdrop and the Royal Mail

Whistl and Royal Mail have been working together to deliver leaflets for over 20 years. Now you can target your households, book print and distribution or just distribution from Royal Mail, online, in minutes using Leafletdrop.

How it works

Use Leafletdrop’s targeting tool to plan your leaflet distribution campaign and then your leaflets will be distributed by the Royal Mail.

Leafletdrop’s unique campaign targeting tool enables you to identify the geographical areas where people are most likely to respond to your marketing materials. Book your campaign based on this data, post your leaflets to us (or get us to print them for you) and Leafletdrop will do the rest! We work alongside the Royal Mail to distribute your leaflets along with the normal household post. 

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The benefits of using Royal Mail leaflet distribution

1. Your leaflet campaign is delivered at the optimal time of day

The Royal Mail delivers leaflets on behalf of Leafletdrop with a household’s normal post compared to many other leaflet distribution companies who deliver them separately. Having your businesses leaflets delivered with the normal post means your leaflets are more likely to get important reading time as the homeowner goes through their main postal delivery, improving leaflet response rates and Return on Investment (ROI).

2. Your leaflets don’t have to compete

Another benefit of Royal Mail leaflet delivery is that your leaflets are not competing with others within your industry. Royal Mail have strict competition practices which states that no two competing industries can advertise in the same area in the same week.

3. Your leaflets will definitely be delivered

Royal Mail is required, by law to ensure your leaflets are delivered as part of their service offering which is closely monitored by Ofcom. This ensures that your marketing plan stays on track and you will definitely reach the best households for your campaign.

“59% of people have visited a company’s website to find out more after receiving a door drop”*

4. Leafletdrop’s targeting tool and Royal Mail distribution combined

Using Leafletdrop’s targeting tool, you can identify where exactly to target to get the best response rates from your campaign. The Royal Mail’s extensive reach means you get access to 29 million addresses across the UK, or simply target your local area

5. Your leaflets will have pride of place on the doormat

The Royal Mail doesn’t put leaflets for competing advertisers in the post together. So rest assured your leaflet will not have to compete against your rivals on the doormat.

"67% of people were prompted to make a purchase as a result of receiving a door drop"*

6. Royal Mail has access to hard to reach households

The Royal Mail has access to households that normal leaflet distributors don’t have. The addresses covered include hard to reach rural areas and access to all households including gated addresses and coded entry addresses.

7. Trustworthy and proven

The Royal Mail service has consistent proven performance rates and is Accredited for Quality.

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*Source Royal Mail


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