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How Leafletdrop started

How it started

As part of the Whistl group, Leafletdrop was created by doordrop experts with over 70 years of experience in the field. 

Having managed the targeting, printing & distribution of billions of items for thousands of advertisers, we found that the logistics of a campaign could be a lengthy, time-consuming and off-putting process. 

The rewards of Doordrop advertising were well worth the effort, but the process was not sustainable for our customers.

Yourdrop is born

This fed the idea of a platform that advertisers can use to book their leaflet distributions with ease and to reap the benefits of the channel without taking up so much time and money.  We also wanted to enable companies to target their audience, work on their designs and, organise their print, then leave everything to us.

All the lengthy logistics, printing and distribution could be managed for an advertiser, making leaflet advertising easy.

So, we built Yourdrop, Leafletdrop’s predecessor. Okay, it was a bit clunky, but the idea was out there in the digital world and was being used. We spoke to our users, gathered their feedback and decided to rebuild the platform.

Yourdrop is born
 Leafletdrop 1

Introducing Leafletdrop 1

In January 2018, we launched the first Leafletdrop platform. Since its launch, we have booked over 250 million leaflets for more than 800 advertisers. We have also achieved a 98% customer satisfaction score, won innovation awards, and grown into the platform of choice for self-service leaflet advertising online, but we were not done there.  

Leafletdrop 2

We are always striving to make targeted leaflet advertising accessible to all businesses, no matter the shape or size. Following extensive customer research and feedback, we have now launched Leafletdrop 2.  

Our latest and greatest platform now makes targeting even easier. We have also introduced our design online tool putting expert doordrop designs at everyone's fingertips. Advertisers can book in higher weight brackets, multiple versions for different areas and all with our same outstanding customer service.  

What started as a simple online leaflet booking tool is now a fully-fledged leaflet advertising haven, which is easier to use than ever before.

Leafletdrop 2
10% off for new customers with code NEW10
10% off for new customers with code NEW10

10% off for new customers with code NEW10

Get a 10% discount on distribution costs if you have not booked with Leafletdrop or our distribution partners within the last 18 months.

Let’s get started

Award Winning Service

Bronze 2022 DMA Award

For unaddressed print with Oddbox

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Bronze 2021 DMA Award

For unaddressed print with Who Gives A Crap

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Institute of Promotional Marketing

Silver award for innovation

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Customer Success Story

Oddbox Success Story
Leafletdrop really make it easy for us to get our message out to our potential customers. We can book online, in minutes and they handle everything for us. They also help with our print and more importantly ensure it is on recycled paper!
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Over 2 million homes targeted
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