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Bill's is a renowned British restaurant and bar chain, originally founded by Bill Collison in 2001 with a small greengrocery store in Lewes, East Sussex. Over the years, the brand has grown to include 78 branches throughout the UK, offering a range of delectable cuisine and drinks to suit any palate.

Increased Sales with leaflet advertising

Bills used Leaflet Advertising to encourage new and existing customers within a close proximity to a Bill’s Restaurant to dine, incentivised by a FREE bottle of wine.

How Bills planned their campaign

Using Whistl's targting capabilities Bills created an audience based on potential and exisiting customers around their restaurant locations.

The campaign results

Overall Redemption Rate of 1.3% with some individual restaurants redeeming over 2%

Total Sales Uplift 13.2%

Total Sales Uplift vs Control 11.4% (during the promotion)

“We appointed Whistl to undertake our Leaflet advertising campaign. Their insight and targeting capabilities makes Leaflets a great option to reach new users. We are extremely pleased with the results"

Jane Walker
Head of Marketing at Bills
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Leaflet  distribution offer  Leafletdrop

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