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La Casita

La Casita is a popular multisite tapas restaurant, known for its delicious food and inviting ambiance. With several locations, La Casita aims to provide a memorable dining experience and create brand loyalty among its customers.

Setting the objective

They wanted to build brand loyalty and drive footfall to their restaurants.

From Boosting Business to Building Loyalty: How Leafletdrop Helped Drive Footfall

Using leafletdrop, they targeted areas around each restaurant to promote their loyalty app with an offer of a free Gin and tonic with any meal over £10 if they downloaded and signed up to the app.

Once the app was downloaded, La Casita used mobile push notifications as a reminder of the offer and included point of sale messages within their restaurants. 

The Results

The Leafletdrop campaign was highly successful with high levels of engagement via app downloads and ultimately restaurant visits and spend increase

La casita leaflet
La Casita Testimonial


"The Pernod Ricard promotion with La Casita was a great success helping to boost bookings and drive 35% YOY uplift in sales"

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