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Restaurant Flyer Templates, Tips & Best Practices

Leaflets and Flyers for Restaurants

Restaurant leaflet advertising

In this fast-paced industry, standing out from your competition is crucial to attracting and retaining new customers. Even if you’re in the heart of town, there are always people who haven't noticed or tried you out yet. 

While digital channels have become a dominant force in marketing strategies, the power of traditional print marketing methods like leaflet advertising shouldn’t be underestimated. From the experience of holding a beautifully designed leaflet to conveying your restaurant's ambience and offerings directly to potential customers, leaflet advertising offers a personal touch that creates results unmatched by digital channels alone. It's your secret ingredient to attracting, informing and enticing those yet to discover your restaurant's culinary delights.

Whether you're a quaint café, a bustling diner, or an upscale eatery, understanding the benefits of leaflet advertising could be the key to unlocking your restaurant's full potential (and full tables).

Restaurants can use leaflet advertising to:

  • Share your latest menu: Showcase your delectable dishes, daily specials, and enticing desserts, whether for your launch or the latest seasonal menu update.
  • Promote special offers: Highlight your discounts, meal deals, and happy hour promotions.
  • Promote special events: Advertise themed nights, live music, or special events at your restaurant.
  • Highlight your takeaway and delivery options: Promote your takeaway and delivery services to hungry customers within your service areas.

Restaurant leaflet distribution provides an efficient and quick way to connect with potential customers. With a turnaround as small as 48 hours, your message can reach your target audience promptly while remaining cost-effective. 

Leafletdrop has helped many restaurants to boost their sales through our user-friendly and smart leaflet targeting tool. You can book an entire leaflet distribution campaign for your restaurant online in minutes. Moreover, we partner with Royal Mail for distribution, ensuring your leaflets never compete with other restaurants on the doormat.

Restaurant flyer templates

Here are some examples of our previous restaurant leaflet designs to inspire your campaign - you can use them as templates or just for inspiration:

leaflet templates for restaurants

leaflet template for restaurants

leaflet template for restaurants

leaflet template for restaurants

With our free online leaflet design tool, you can easily design your advertising leaflet for your restaurant. Or you can fill out a creative brief so one of our experienced leafleteers can create a restaurant leaflet design that meets all your needs.

Leafletdrop Offer
Leafletdrop Offer

You can now design your own leaflet

Try our free online leaflet design tool and create eye-catching leaflets that stand out on the doormat.

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What to include in your restaurant leaflet designs

Leaflets are the window into your restaurant. You want them to be so inviting that potential customers can't resist looking you up online or coming by to visit. And the best way to do that is through outstanding design. 

There are two main areas to focus on when designing promotional flyers for restaurants and takeaways: images and the menu. 

It’s not always necessary for a restaurant to list the entire menu, especially if it’s extensive. However, this is essential for a takeaway, as people should keep their flyers at home and use them to place orders. That means a phone number or other contact information is vital, too.

It’s also a great idea to add a map to show where you’re located and your opening times, so potential customers have all the details to come and visit. 

Tips for designing a leaflet or flyer for your restaurant:

1. Mouth-watering imagery

Feature high-quality photos of your most tantalising dishes - we eat with our eyes! 

2. Highlight specials

Focus your imagery on your best dishes to avoid overcrowding. If your space is limited, use your descriptions and images to showcase your very best dishes and unique offerings

3. Match existing colours

Give your audience a taste of your restaurant by using the same colours and fonts across your physical menus and signage.

4. Write concise descriptions

Describe your dishes with enticing but clear and concise language - anyone should understand what they could eat at your establishment.

5. Add a clear CTA

Guide your audience clearly to your ideal next step, whether this is "Book Now" or "Visit Us."

6. Include social proof 

Share positive previous customer reviews or ratings.

7. Highlight special offers

Tempt customers with discounts, meal deals, and loyalty programs - exclusive discounts from your leaflet itself can help drive footfall.

8. Show where you are

Provide all your contact information, including your phone number, at minimum, but website and social media if you have them and have the space. Add a map to show where you’re located and your opening times.

Benefits of restaurant leaflet distribution

Leaflets are an enticing invitation that potential customers can hold onto until they can place an online order or dine out at your restaurant. The tangible physical presence of leaflets can increase the chances that they will choose your restaurant for their next meal.

1. Boost foot traffic

Leaflet distribution allows you to target local neighbourhoods, attracting nearby residents to your restaurant. By reaching out to potential diners in your immediate area, you can increase foot traffic, fill your tables and generate more revenue.

2. Promote daily specials 

Restaurants frequently offer daily specials or limited-time promotions. With leaflet distribution, you can quickly and effectively get the word out about these offers to attract diners looking for a great deal.

3. Enhance brand awareness 

Distributing leaflets consistently in your local community helps build brand recognition. When people repeatedly see your restaurant's name and enticing visuals, they are likelier to remember and choose your restaurant when dining out.

4. Community engagement

Leaflets allow you to connect with your community by promoting events, sponsorships, or engagement initiatives. This involvement fosters a positive relationship with your local customer base and strengthens your restaurant's ties to the community.

The cost of leaflet advertising for restaurants 

When running a restaurant, managing your budget effectively is essential to allocate adequate resources in sourcing quality ingredients, maintaining equipment, and training or retaining skilled staff. 

Leaflet advertising is a cost-effective marketing method that lets you focus your budget on more important expenses. However, it’s not just economical; it’s highly effective, driving a high ROI with small spending. Restaurant owners we’ve worked with often experience a significant increase in foot traffic and orders when implementing well-planned leaflet campaigns. Simply put, it's not just about being cheap; it's about getting real, measurable results to boost your business.

If you’re curious about the expense of a potential leaflet advertising campaign, you can use our user-friendly pricing calculator to see if it’s worth your budget. All you need to do is select the number of households you want to target, choose the paper type for your leaflet, and indicate whether you require printing services. You’ll then receive a quick estimate based on your selections, and if you’re happy, we can get your campaign rolling for you.

La Casita Success story : "Their insight and targeting capabilities makes Leaflets a great option to reach new users."
La Casita Success story : "Their insight and targeting capabilities makes Leaflets a great option to reach new users."

"We boosted bookings and drove a 35% YOY sales uplift"

La Casita

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