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Measuring the success of a leaflet advertising campaign

Important Business Metrics to Measure the Success of a Leaflet Campaign

How to make the perfect door drop campaign

The most important question you need to answer after your leaflet advertising campaign is, did it work? And how will you know if you haven’t set expectations for a campaign?

The great thing about the effectiveness of leaflet advertising as a marketing channel is that the success of each campaign is easily measured, so you can see whether your investment was worthwhile and take learnings to make each campaign better than the last.

Just like a digital marketing strategy, by monitoring the success of your leaflet campaigns, you can create benchmarks for your direct mail marketing strategy against which to measure your next campaign. This testing process will eventually deliver a high-quality Door Drop marketing strategy that works for your business and appeals to your potential customers.

If you are not measuring your Door Drop campaign, you are wasting precious marketing insights that can benefit the growth of your business.

Here are some top tips from Royal Mail Market Reach that will enable you to measure the success of your campaign and gain insightful knowledge about what your customers really want.

How to ensure you can measure your direct mail marketing campaign

1. Set Measurable Goals

  • Make sure your campaign aligns with your original objective - for example, if you want to advertise a promotion for your product or service, ensure that the leaflet clearly. advertises the offer and any terms
  • How will you measure your goals? – Are you asking your customers to visit your website or your brick-and-mortar store or to call to enquire? Thinking about this beforehand allows you to design your leaflet with measurable goals in mind.
  • What data would be most valuable for you to measure due to your Door Drop campaign? - Sales? Size of sale? Visits? Appointments made? Donations?

2. Record your data

  • What worked and what didn’t work? - What is great about leaflet campaigns is learning what does or does not work.
  • Did one campaign work better than another? - It could be that some aspects worked and some didn’t, consider the wins and losses
  • How can you learn from this for the future? - Make sure to write down your learnings so that you are ready for your next campaign. Setting time aside to analyse your campaign will save you time in the future.

3. Campaign Tracking

  • Make sure you can track your responses - Use codes or coupons
  • Check your website around the time of the campaign to see any influx in visitors or sales, or code usage if you put a website code on your leaflet
  • Record where customers heard about you - whether an online customer or over the phone, recording where customers heard about you allows you to determine how many customers came from the leaflet campaign or other marketing efforts
  • Think about how you would handle the increased demand - how big is your campaign? Is it big enough for you to need more manpower? Consider what it would take to scale your business and ensure you have the necessary resources to keep up with demand. Achieving a boom will be useless if your customers experience long wait times, out-of-stock products and poor customer service due to a failed attempt at scaling. This will affect your business’s reputation. 

5 Metrics to measure your door drop campaign

There are several ways you can measure the performance of your flyer distribution and tools that you can employ to ensure each campaign is better than the last.

1. ROI

Also known as return on investment, ROI is a simple sum which considers the cost of your leaflet campaign to your business and what the business got back in return. AKA, how effective was your campaign?

To calculate the ROI of your leaflet distribution campaign, you take the total revenue generated from the campaign (hence the importance of measurable goals), minus the cost of the leaflet campaign, then divide this by the cost of your campaign to work out the return on every pound spent. For example, an ROI of 400% means you generated £4 for every £1 spent.

2. Customer Behaviour

Understand how your customers are responding to your leaflets. Did they go online, or did they phone? This helps with future planning but also tells you where to invest.

3. Response rates

Having the ability to predict and quantify the response from your leaflet campaign will enable you to plan for future campaigns.

For example, if your campaign generates a certain number of enquiries, then you can understand what volume of leaflets you need in the future to reach your business goal.

Leaflet distribution response rates can vary based on various factors, like industry, the audience, and the goals of the campaign (e.g. campaigns for brand awareness might not require an action and therefore would bring the average response rate down).

You can read more on the advantages of using Door Drop marketing here

4. Creative impact

If you are using different leaflet designs for your doordrop campaign over time, you can determine which is the one that works best for you. What offers work best? Do you have seasonal offers that work at different times of the year? The more you hone your approach, the better the results you can yield.
When signing up to distribute a leaflet campaign with Leafletdrop, your dedicated account manager can discuss the options for eye-catching leaflet design according to your goals and your industry.

5. Campaign Targeting

Using different targeting, you can understand which sets of customers respond to which campaigns better. Once you know this, it can be simple to find more customers that look like your good customers, improving your response rates further.

Creating a door drop marketing strategy with Leafletdrop

The key to a successful marketing campaign is planning. This means knowing your audience, knowing your goals, and knowing how you’re going to measure your campaign to do better next time.

It is no different with door-drop media.

Leafletdrop is the leading leaflet distribution company in the UK, having delivered over 350 million leaflets since we began in 2018 for a wide variety of industries and demographics.

Leafletdrop’s online campaign targeting tool enables our customers to strategically define their target audience and identify the best locations to distribute their leaflet campaigns for maximum return on investment.

Our services range from campaign planning, leaflet design, printing, and distribution through the Royal Mail.

Sign up today to plan your campaign and put the advice from this article into action.


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