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Are Leaflet Distribution Response Rates Worth it?

Are Leaflet Distribution Response Rates Worth it?

There are several benefits to leaflet advertising compared to other marketing methods, especially when you consider their cost effectiveness, their potential campaign reach and the visual advantages leaflets offer. Unlike digital advertising, having a physical item land on a potential consumers doormat is a unique and great way to effectively spread your business message.

According to the latest JICMail Research, ‘when compared to other media channels, Door Drops typically deliver a greater volume than advertisers pay for, as it is shared in the household and interacted with frequently. With other many other channels, due to ad avoidance, advertisers typically get less than they pay for’.

Through leaflet advertising, business can captivate their targeted audience. Great advertising can create an emotional response: ‘Emotional response to an advertisement, rather than the ad’s actual content, produces great influence on the intent of a consumer to buy a product. Likeability is the most predictive measure that can help ascertain if an advertisement will increase the sales of a brand” – (USC Thinking vs Feeling: The Psychology of Advertising).

Producing a campaign that creates an emotional response from a potential consumer can aid in its success, and future responses.

How good are leaflet response rates?

There are several factors that can influence a leaflet campaigns response rate and it can be easier than you think to measure. A lack of tracking once the leaflet has reached the household can affect response rate statistics, however, this can be avoided if businesses include a unique QR code or landing page address within their campaign to direct responses. This is one of the simplest ways to track response rates and recent data from JICMAIL shows an increase of 11% YoY in effective impressions and engagement when QR codes are applied to leaflet or direct mail campaigns. 

Response rates for a door drop or leaflet campaigns can vary on other factors too. These include the industry, audience, and the goals of the campaign. If the goal of the campaign is simply brand awareness, a response from the household or end recipient may not be necessary bringing the average response rate down.

A fantastic example of a successful leaflet campaign with great response rate is from Modern Milkman. Modern Milkman started as a group of friends running their own local milk round, before expanding to a network of milkmen and women, connecting regional dairies and their communities.

The company used Leafletdrop to book their Leaflet Advertising campaign online in minutes. Their test campaign secured 900 new customers proving leaflet campaigns will yeild great response rates.

Outside of direct leaflet tracking, there are also great industry data sources that show the average response rates for leaflet campaigns. DMA research shows that door drops are read by 78% of consumers. There’s also a fantastic opportunity for local businesses to utilise leaflet advertising, especially as Google searches on “Where to buy” and “near me” have grown by over 200% in the past two years. Consumers are looking to buy local, and businesses can promote themselves through local leaflet advertising.

When it comes to digital marketing eMarketer says it accounted for about 66% of advertising in the UK at the end of 2019. However, businesses should also consider using printed leaflet advertising to have an edge on their competitors, especially as it’s a marketing method that has a lot less competition. Creating a printed leaflet campaign may give a business the competitive edge and exposure over their competitors.

Is a leaflet distribution campaign worth it?

Of course, it is! A leaflet distribution campaign is a great way to promote a business and it’s simple to set up and share.

With Leafletdrop you can book a targeted campaign online in minutes. By using our smart targeting tool, you can locate the households more likely to respond to your campaign and we offer hassle free printing with plenty of leaflet styles and sizes to choose from. Then when it comes to circulating your campaign, we use reliable door to door leaflet distribution by Royal Mail.

Leafletdrop can assist your business from start to finish and is already helping businesses like yours spread their message and find new customers effortlessly through our leaflet delivery services. No matter your business' size or sector, Leafletdrop gives you access to over 30 million homes in the UK. Sign up with Leafletdrop and create your first campaign today.


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