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The Advantages & Disadvantages of Leaflet Advertising For Your Business

The Advantages & Disadvantages of Leaflet Advertising For Your Business

The rise of the digital world and the uses of the “screen” is all to prevalent in today’s society. On average we spend over 11 hours a day* staring at our phones, TVs and computers, but where are we using most of these devices?

You guessed it, in our homes. Of all the media channels at our disposal those that often get overlooked are those that go through the Letterbox. Although digital channels have proven successful, some of the biggest brands are integrating their screen-based campaigns with tangible, hard hitting media that goes through the letterbox and we are here to tell you why.

Advantages of Leaflet Advertising

People Trust In Print

We have all seen a digital ad crop up on our computers, phones and tablets as we browse the internet. The media is highly accessible but how does it compare to a tangible printed item posted through your letterbox? A study found that 42% of people found print advertising trustworthy, whereas only 18% trusted internet websites. 

Digital competition is also a struggle for a lot of advertisers with consumers being fed thousands of ads every day across millions of websites. Compare that to just one letterbox, printed leaflet advertising can be seen as more trusted as it cuts through the digital clutter and can be presented on a far more personal level. 

Leaflets Are Cost Effective

On average, a pay per click search advertisement will cost a business £3.25 per click. An A5 doubled-sided leaflet on the other hand, printed on high quality 170gsm paper and hand delivered to a target home will cost a fraction of this at just under 10p. 

With printed media, you also benefit from economies of scale. For example, the above price was based on 20,000 leaflets, up this to 50,000 leaflets and the price goes down to 8.5p an item. 

Check out our handy leaflet advertising pricing calculator here. 

More Creative Freedom

Leaflets, Social Media ads & digital advertisements all have the potential to be visually appealing but with most digital formats, you can be limited to word count restrictions, pixel image sizes and much more. 

A Leaflet is only truly limited by your own imagination. With ample amounts of sizes, and pages to choose from, leaflets are like a mini informational pack that allows you to sell your business with true creative freedom. Leaflets allow you to bring your brand essence to life in any way you see fit, without having to fit to a template. Check out this article on ways to build the best brand image

Disadvantages To Leaflet Advertising

Leaflets Can Be Easily Overlooked

As with any media, leaflet advertising can also have its downsides. With so much creative freedom, it is important to get your design right and to ensure your leaflet grabs the attention of the reader. Failing to do this can result in your leaflets ending up in the recycling bin and wasting your budget. We have a handy article on how to avoid your leaflets going in the bin here.  

Multiple suppliers 

Digital ads are usually very simple to set up and manage and it is usually all done through one supplier. Leaflet advertising can sometimes rely on multiple suppliers like  designers, data experts for targeting, printers and distributors meaning more work for you and your marketing team. 

You can however, utilise Leafletdrop, an all in one leaflet advertising booking tool. Leafletdrop lets you target your households, book high quality print and reliable Royal Mail distribution, all online and in minutes. One supplier for all your leaflet advertising needs, Leafletdrop leaves all the supplier handling work to us giving you more time to focus on your business. 

A media mix is the best approach

All media types have their advantages and disadvantages and one approach does not fit all. Our advice is to include multiple digital and printed media in your marketing mix to not only test their effectiveness but to also ensure you re maximising your reach. 

We have launched a handy fact sheet on how leaflet advertising can help your business in a digital world, download it for free below. 

The Letterbox: AKA the acquisition portal | Download for Free here 

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