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How to Avoid Your Leaflets Going Straight in the Bin

How to Avoid Your Leaflets Going Straight in the Bin

No business enjoys wasted marketing budgets, especially when it can be avoided most of the time. Whether it is irrelevant website traffic or poor targeting, any channel can suffer from avoidable mistakes. Leaflet marketing is no exception, but we are here to explain how you can avoid your leaflets ending up in the bin.

There are some common misconceptions around leaflet advertising. You may have heard or even think that all leaflets just end up in the bin, that they are an old-fashioned media, or that they simply just don’t work. It is true, that leaflet advertising has been around for a long time, but it is in fact still a fashionable and trusted media by companies of all shapes and sizes. Why is it such a trusted media? Because when done right, it really does work.

We are going to share some top distribution tips with you, including targeting best practices and how to make your leaflet stand out to help your campaigns work harder. Most importantly of course, how to avoid your advertising flyers ending up in the bin.

Avoid spamming customers

One of the key reasons leaflets find themselves in a bin is simply because they landed on the wrong doormat. A lot of businesses make the mistake of quantity over quality, by distributing their leaflets to as many houses as they can whether that be locally or nationally.

For example, if you are advertising your latest dog food to a house that does not have a dog, chances are it could end up being considered spam. The easiest way to avoid spamming customers and wasting your marketing budgets is to be targeted. Leaflet advertising can actually be a lot more focused than you might think. Using household density, you can target areas that are far likelier to hold a higher number of consumers keen to buy from you. You can even overlay existing customer data and target at postcode sector level.

Another important thing to consider is who delivers your leaflets. If you have a highly targeted delivery schedule, but still use local distributors, your leaflets are likely to be delivered alongside competitors or within bulk distributions. This effects its impact on the doormat and puts it even further at risk of being discarded.

Utilising a company like Leafletdrop, who uses reliable Royal Mail distributions, means your leaflet is guaranteed to be delivered with zero competitive items. It also has the added benefit of being delivered alongside the post meaning more impact on the doormat.

Think about leaflet design

Ensuring your advertising leaflet design is eye catching, to the point, and clear, will provide even more reassurance of a successful campaign. Delivering a boring, non-eye-catching leaflet will mean more wasted budgets and more leaflets in the bin. Here are some best practice top tips for door-to-door marketing leaflets:

  • Use warm colours rather than cold
  • Circles are known to work better than squares
  • Portrait is better than landscape
  • Copy is key but do not overload it
  • Make your call to action big, clear and easy to follow
  • Make your brand and call to action visible on all sides of your leaflet


Another great leaflet advertising tip to avoiding the bin is to include incentives. Discounts and offers can provide that final push to get your reader to take action with your leaflet. Whether that be sharing with a friend of making a purchase themselves, offers are a great way to grab their attention and push them over the line. Here are some examples we have seen on Leafletdrop:

  • Free bottle of wine at a local restaurant with a purchase of two main meals
  • Buy one get on free at a local takeaway
  • Free, no obligation quote from a home improvements company
  • £1 off coupon from a known cleaning brand
  • 20% off tickets from a popular train travel company
  • 0% off “too good to discount” from a food delivery business.

Leaflet delivery

Whatever your leaflet advertising needs are, we are here to make your campaigns work as hard as possible. Did you know you can book an entire campaign, online with Leafletdrop? Create a free account today and try our easy-to-use leaflet targeting tool.

We also offer print and distribution or distribution-only services and by booking with us, it means you can sit back and relax as we organise everything for you. This includes high-quality print and reliable delivery by Royal Mail.

Sign up for free now or get in touch to find out more.

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