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Why Are Leaflets An Effective Advertising Tool?

Why Are Leaflets An Effective Advertising Tool?

6% of Leaflets are used to plan a purchase*

Leaflet marketing strategies first began hundreds of years ago, with the purpose of creating uniform messaging for a variety of causes. Before leaflets, messages from retailers, restaurants and mechanics alike were skewed as they passed from ear to ear, through towns and across borders. Nowadays, businesses can distribute a uniform message to whomever they wish, with practically any goal because the message in a leaflet campaign can be whatever you want!

Despite being in the midst of the digital age, leaflets and leaflet distribution are making a significant return as a dependable and proven means of marketing for brands. This is because the skills needed to measure and analyse a digital campaign come at a high price, especially for an SME. 

Hiring a digital marketing expert, or teaching yourself, means money, time, and variable results that often need split testing, as well as continuous monitoring for a conclusive outcome. 

At Leafletdrop we know that not everyone has the resources to manage this, and those that do find fantastic results combining a digital marketing campaign with leaflet distribution to really cover all bases. 

Leafletdrop offers targeted leaflet advertising campaigns, meaning your leaflets are delivered to the right hands, not to the bottom of the recycling bin. Booking a campaign with Leafletdrop means you get access to our free online targeting tool. Leafletdrop’s leaflet targeting tool enables you to strategise by choosing your target audience. Our tool then shows you the best areas to target in order to reach those demographics.

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This article dives into the reasons Leafletdrop customers are getting massive returns from their targeted leaflet advertising campaigns. If you are interested in increasing...

  • Brand awareness
  • Product sales
  • Bookings
  • Event sign-ups
  • And many more marketing goals!...

Read on to see how targeted advertising leaflets are an effective way to achieve your goals and grow your business. 

5 Benefits of Advertising Leaflets


1. Advertising leaflets as a targeted marketing strategy

Targeted leaflet marketing allows you to put your business in front of your ideal audience by utilizing government-approved postcode and geodemographic data. 

High precision campaign targeting enables you to market directly to households by their typical inhabitants and potential income brackets, and to businesses based on their size and revenue. 

Targeted leaflet advertising is superior to television and radio advertising in this way. These methods are not only often prohibitively expensive but the traditional “spray and pray” marketing approach often only reaches a small percentile of your ideal audience. 

2. Leaflet distribution is a cost-effective marketing method

Leaflet distribution – as opposed to creating digital or website assets – is a much simpler process and with increasingly cheap yet high-quality printing, creating your own leaflets is not a high financial or time investment. 

Once the initial format and branding are created, leaflet designs can be tweaked with different messages over further campaigns. Campaign turnaround speed is also key and many of our customers have their first campaign up and running in just a few days from signing up.

Leafletdrop offer leaflet designprinting and distribution services, meaning it could just be the cheapest, easiest and most effective marketing method you will ever use!

3. Leaflet marketing has high engagement levels

We are overloaded daily by messages across television, internet, in-app messaging and social media, to name just a few. However, a leaflet has the added factor of being a tactile means of marketing communication. This means that unlike television, radio and digital marketing, advertising leaflets can maximise sensory appeal which makes your business more memorable and allows you to engage more with your audience. 

A well-designed leaflet with a compelling message will register with your audience who usually have to change the channel, ‘switch off’ mentally or click off an advert when they receive marketing messages. In contrast, a leaflet requires physical activity for disengagement and there is a high possibility that the leaflet will remain within the house or business you are reaching out to. Where the offer has the necessary “bite” to engage with your audience, there is the potential for further engagement through sharing or visitors to the home.

4.  Advertising leaflets are a highly measurable advertising tactic

Most people would automatically consider digital marketing as a more measurable marketing channel, and they are not necessarily wrong. However, leaflets still have a great capacity for creating measurable campaigns to ensure return on investment and learnings for future campaigns. Leaflet advertising just requires slightly more forethought. 

You can measure a leaflet campaign by:

  • Adding a promotional code to your leaflets so you can track the number of codes that are used vs the number of leaflets sent. You could even operate several different campaigns simultaneously and use different codes for different audiences to allow you to micro-measure your campaign.
  • If you have a website and you don’t want to provide a discount code, you could create a targeted landing page on your website and block it from being indexed by search engines. This way you know that any hits on this specific page are from users that received a leaflet. Your landing page message can lead on from your leaflet goal. A prime example of how leaflet advertising and digital marketing can work very effectively when used together.
  • If you have a digital presence it is also easy to link campaign delivery dates and the potential spike in website traffic through data analytics programs, such as Google Analytics.
  • If you have a store but not a website, ask costumers to bring in their leaflets for a special discount. You could include an element of a loyalty card and stamp your customer’s leaflet, allowing them to use it a certain number of times, or to mark that a leaflet has been used to prevent over-use.

5. Leaflets are a highly versatile form of marketing

Leaflets can be used for basically any marketing objective – mix in the means to measure and the ease to redesign and re-print and you’ve got a marketing method that can evolve with your business growth and your goals with ease. 

These benefits contrast digital, radio or television advertising again which often require significant technical input, scripts to be rewritten and additional recording time.

Why are leaflets effective?

Leaflet advertising has many advantages, such as:

  • Low costs
  • High ROI
  • Low time investment
  • High campaign turnaround times
  • High engagement rates
  • Targeted campaigns 
  • Easy to measure

Whilst leaflet campaigns on their own can certainly work for many, operating a leaflet advertising campaign alongside other forms of marketing can create an exceptionally well-rounded marketing strategy.

Leaflet advertising is ideal for a variety of businesses of different sizes and industries. From already established businesses to those just starting out, leaflet distribution can empower a wide range of business goals. 

Get in touch with an expert Leafleteer to discuss how your leaflet advertising strategy can meet your objectives.

Why Leafletdrop

Why deal with multiple leaflet printers and distributors when you can save time and money by booking your entire campaign with Leafletdrop.

Once you have booked your leaflet campaign online, Leafletdrop organises everything. This includes printing your leaflets on your choice of paper and then delivering them to the Royal Mail for reliable leaflet distribution to your target areas. We can even help with professional leaflet design, to ensure your products and services are seen on the doormat.

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Leaflet  distribution offer  Leafletdrop

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