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Leaflet Design Guide: To Help Your Marketing Campaign Succeed

Leaflet Design Guide: To Help Your Marketing Campaign Succeed

Leaflet and flyer tips for business 

Door to door leaflet advertising is a great way to reach new customers. A great leaflet design can be the make or break of your campaign as your leaflet gets just 3 seconds on average to grab the attention of a reader. Leafletdrop has helped over 1500 businesses to reach their target audience with hard-hitting, eye catching leaflet campaigns.

Important Factors in Designing the Perfect Leaflet

From grabbing the reader's attention to driving meaningful actions, there are a few key factors to leaflet design you should consider before starting out.

Your Audience 

The first and most important thing to consider is who you are targeting. Using appropriate colours, copy and imagery for the people most likely to be receiving your leaflet will help keep them engaged and interested. 

Your Campaign Objectives

Consider what it is you want your readers to do. Go into your store, visit your website or give you a call? This will play an important part as to how you will be laying out your design for example, you may need to leave space for a map and directions and a QR code if you have both a website and a local bricks and mortar store. 

Your Leaflet Format

Your leaflet format will dictate how much space you have for content. If you choose an A4, 4 page leaflet for example, you can fit a lot of content into your leaflet, but you may make it difficult to digest and put off readers. A useful way to determine your format is to write down what you want your leaflet to include, then see how much space you may need. 

8 Tips to make a leaflet for your business

Tip 1 - Identify Your Leaflet's Target Audience - Communicate using your target market’s language

Using something like Leafletdrop's targeting tool, you can find your target audience in minutes. Then consider how you might want to frame your copy to match that audience. Take Who Gives A Crap's leaflet example where they frame their copy towards catching the attention of a younger audience.

Tip 2 - Consider the Size of Your Leaflet

As mentioned in the previous section, the size of your leaflet determines the space you have for content, but you should be careful not to over fill your leaflet unnecessarily. A great example of this comes from Amazon Fresh who has lots of products and offers to include so can utilise a larger leaflet with ease, whilst keeping it eye catching and engaging. 

Tip 3 - Use Colour from your brand logo to your Advantage 

Making your leaflet on-brand is essential to boosting brand awareness and recognition. Keeping your logo on both sides of your leaflet and keeping the flyer colours on brand is also key, just like Riverfood Farms do here.

Tip 4 - Choose a professional and readable font for your information - Limit your font to two or three

Another key way to keep your designs on brand is to keep your all other leaflet aspects on brand too for example your fonts. Using lots of different fonts can be fun, but will confuse a reader and distract their attention to your branding and content. Keep their focus by keeping it simple just like Tapi Carpets do here. 

Tip 5 - Keep your content brief and to the point 

Don't bog down your readers by bogging down your content. Keep your images, copy and call to actions clear, concise and easy to read. This will help keep your readers engaged and more likely to take action. Take Abel & Cole's leaflet below for example, it is short, sweet and to the point whilst keeping the call to action simple to follow. 

Tip 6 - Use Plenty Of White Space 

Using white space on your leaflet designs makes your content easy to read. It is as simple as that. It is design best practice for pretty much anything and everything advertising. Good in Bread show us how we can use white space with our branding colours as white space doesn't have to be white.

Tip 7 -  Create Eye-Catching Headlines and subheadings

As we called out at the start of this article, your leaflet gets just 3 seconds to grab the attention of a reader. Ensuring your design has bold, eye-catching headers on each of it's sides means you are more likely to get the reader's attention. Take a look at how Waitrose partner with a brand to bring their titles front and centre.

Tip 8 - Add directions to your location and opening hours - Make a clear call to action

No matter what you want your readers to do, make it clear and easy to do. If you are driving online with a voucher, break it into steps. If you want your audience to visit your store, make it easy for them to do so with directions. The easier it is to do, the more likely they are to do it. Take Amazons example again here, they offer clear directions to find them and take action. 

Making your Leaflet work for your business

If you are looking to include leaflet advertising as part of your next campaign Leafletdrop can help. We have designers and leaflet experts on hand to help with every aspect of your campaigns and our online booking tool makes leaflet advertising easy. Sign up today for free and try it out for yourself or head to our blog section for more insights and guides on leaflet advertising. 

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