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Travel and Tourism Leaflet Templates, Tips & Best Practices

Travel and Tourism Leaflet Advertising

Leaflet advertising for Travel and Tourism

2023 has seen a remarkable resurgence in the travel industry. The number of international tourists has surged to levels rivalling or surpassing those before the pandemic. The travel industry has been rejuvenated, and people are eagerly exploring the world once again. Amid this resurgence, creating compelling travel brochures/ leaflets remains a vital marketing tool for a wide range of tourist attractions and landmarks.

Whether you are running a hotel, a local shop, a museum, or a nature preserve, leaflets continue to play a crucial role in the travel and tourism industry, complementing digital marketing efforts and achieving various marketing goals.

Travel and Tourism businesses can use leaflet advertising for:

  • Destination Promotion: Showcase exotic locations, breathtaking landscapes, and unique cultural experiences. Your leaflet can be an enticing portal to these dream destinations, inspiring travellers to explore.
  • Travel Packages: Create enticing leaflets highlighting travel packages, complete with itineraries, accommodation details, and inclusions.
  • Event Marketing: Promote special travel-related events such as tours, travel fairs, and adventure treks. Encourage participation and make your events a resounding success.
  • Cruise Ship Itineraries: If your business is involved in cruise travel, leaflets are ideal for presenting detailed cruise itineraries, onboard facilities, and destination highlights.
  • Adventure Travel: For adventure travel companies, leaflets can provide insights into thrilling activities, gear lists, and safety guidelines, setting the tone for an adrenaline-packed journey.

Leaflet distribution in the travel and tourism industry is not only cost-effective but also remarkably efficient. You can reach your target audience with a quick turnaround of as little as 3 weeks.

Leafletdrop has helped several businesses in the travel and tourism sector with their leaflet advertising goals. With Leafletdrop’s smart targeting leaflet tool, you can book your entire leaflet distribution campaign in few minutes. What's more, we partner with Royal Mail for distribution, ensuring your leaflets never compete on the doormat but instead engage potential customers effectively. 

All these aspects come together to make leaflet distribution a potent tool for the travel and tourism sector, helping you expand your reach and effectively convey your message to the right audience.

Travel and Tourism Leaflet templates

Here are some examples to inspire your travel and tourism leaflet:

For more travel and tourism leaflet designs, feel free to explore our inspiration gallery, where you can discover a wide range of leaflet templates.​​​​

leaflet template for travel and tourism

leaflet template for travel and tourism

leaflet template for travel and tourism

If you need design services, please fill out our creative brief or reach out to us directly, and one of our experienced Leafleteers will be happy to assist you. 

Additionally, you can also design your own travel brochure with our online leaflet design tool. With a wide range of templates, our design tool is built on leaflet advertising best practices.

Leafletdrop Offer
Leafletdrop Offer

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What to include on a flyer for Travel and Tourism

Creating captivating leaflet content is crucial for travel and tourism businesses. Your leaflet has the power to influence a traveller’s decision, so it's essential to provide them with the information they need to make an informed choice. 

Key tips to consider for effective brochure design for travel and tourism

1. Eye-Catching Visuals

Incorporate high-resolution images that showcase the stunning beauty of your destinations, accommodations, and attractions. Use visuals that evoke the emotions and experiences travellers can expect.

2.Compelling Headline

Craft a captivating headline that not only captures the essence of your travel experience but also conveys the unique value you offer. For example, "Discover Paradise: Your Ultimate Beach Getaway."

3. Clear Destination Highlights

Provide comprehensive descriptions of your travel destination's standout features. Whether it's the turquoise waters, historical landmarks, or the buzzing nightlife, paint a vivid picture for potential travellers.

4. Detailed Itinerary

Lay out a clear and detailed travel itinerary, including daily activities, excursions, and schedules. Make it easy for travellers to envision their day-to-day experiences.

5. Accommodation Details

Describe the lodging options with rich details. Include pricing ranges, types of rooms, amenities, and what sets each accommodation apart. Help travellers choose their perfect home away from home.

6. Traveller Testimonials

Incorporate genuine traveller testimonials that highlight memorable experiences and exceptional service. Real stories from satisfied customers build trust and authenticity.

7. Booking Information 

Make the booking process seamless by providing contact information, booking forms, or QR codes for online reservations. Ensure that your contact details are easily accessible for inquiries.

8. Local Insights

Offer unique insights into the local culture, traditions, and hidden gems that travellers won't typically find in guidebooks. Share tips and personal experiences to make their journey more enriching.

9. Safety and Health Measures

In today's travel climate, reassure potential travellers by outlining the safety measures and health protocols you have in place. Clearly communicate how you prioritise their well-being.

10. Clear Call to Action

Motivate readers to take action with a concise and compelling call to action (CTA). Whether it's booking a trip, signing up for a newsletter for travel updates, or following your social media for inspiration, guide them on the next steps.

By incorporating these dos into your travel leaflet, you can create a persuasive marketing tool designed to achieve your key objectives. It will resonate with travellers and inspire them to take action, ultimately helping you achieve your marketing goals, whether it's increasing bookings, boosting brand awareness, or driving website engagement. 

What not to include

The last thing you want for your travel and tourism leaflet is to mislead or overwhelm potential travellers. To ensure your travel leaflet is effective, here are some key pitfalls to avoid:

1. Misleading Promotions

Genuine and trustworthy promotions are vital; avoid advertising deceptive deals.

2. Incomplete Itineraries

Provide clear and detailed travel itineraries to address travellers' questions and concerns.

3. Inaccurate Information 

Ensure all travel details, from destinations to accommodations, are accurate and up to date.

4. Overwhelming Text 

Keep your leaflet concise and engaging, avoiding excessive text that can overwhelm readers.

5. Excessive Jargon

Use traveller-friendly language and avoid complex travel industry jargon that may confuse readers.

6. Unverified Claims 

Stick to verified and substantiated claims about travel destinations and accommodations.

7. Poorly Designed Layouts 

Design matters. Opt for eye-catching layouts and visuals to make your leaflet more appealing and effective in engaging travellers.

The Benefits of leaflet distribution for Travel and Tourism

For travel and tourism businesses, leaflets serve as a potent marketing tool. These captivating leaflets go beyond providing information; they evoke wanderlust, stimulate travel bookings, and create unforgettable, personalised experiences, all contributing to the achievement of marketing goals.
Here are some of the key advantages that leaflets have to offer:

1. Attract and Engage Travellers

Leaflet distribution attracts and engages travellers by showcasing captivating destinations and experiences. The vivid imagery and compelling descriptions in travel leaflets act as marketing tools that fuel the traveller's desire to explore new places. In doing so, you create a strong emotional connection between potential travellers and your travel brand.

2. Drive Conversions and Sales

Travel leaflets are powerful conversion tools. They simplify the booking process, providing travellers with all the necessary information, from itineraries to contact details, to make informed decisions and book their next adventure. This means increased conversions, turning potential travellers into paying customers.

3. Targeted Marketing

Leaflets can be tailored to the interests and preferences of your target audience. By offering personalised travel options, special packages, and unique experiences, you can make each traveller feel special. This targeted marketing approach can enhance customer satisfaction, encourage travellers to return for more bookings, and foster loyalty to your travel brand.

4. Promote Exclusive Deals

Promotions and special offers are key marketing strategies in the travel industry. Travelers are always on the lookout for great deals, and your leaflet is the perfect medium to promote exclusive travel deals, discounts, and limited time offers. This can create a sense of urgency, prompting quick decisions and bookings.

5. Inform and Educate Your Audience

Educational content in your travel leaflet goes beyond marketing—it serves as a valuable source of information for travellers. By offering travel tips, insights, and safety guidelines for specific destinations or travel types, you position your brand as a reliable and informative source. 

The cost of leaflet advertising for Travel and Tourism

Just like any other business, travel and tourism companies also have to manage their budgets wisely. These budgets are crucial for things like arranging accommodations, transportation, and providing travellers with amazing experiences. And this is where the cost-effective approach of using leaflet distribution comes into play.

You see, leaflet distribution isn't just about being cost-effective; it's about getting real, measurable results. It's not about reaching just anyone; it's about connecting with the right people – those travellers who are genuinely interested in what you offer. This can mean more bookings, more travellers choosing your packages, and, of course, more exciting adventures for everyone. It's all about getting the best results without blowing your budget.

If you are curious about the costs of running a leaflet advertising campaign for your travel and tourism business, you can take advantage of Leafletdrop's user-friendly pricing calculator. It allows you to estimate your campaign expenses with just a few clicks, considering factors like the number of target households, paper preferences, and printing requirements. With this handy tool, you can plan your campaign while remaining budget-conscious, making efficient use of your financial resources for optimal results.

Whether you are catering to a specific audience or a broader group of travellers, leaflet advertising proves to be a cost-effective strategy for achieving your marketing objectives while keeping a close eye on your budget.

Travel and Tourism leaflet advertising
Travel and Tourism leaflet advertising

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