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Oddbox have introduced leaflets as part of their media mix using Leafletdrop's easy to use online booking tool. Using our targeting services, Oddbox have targeted over 2 million UK homes to rescue the "too odd" and "too many" fruit and veg at risk of going to waste.

Targeted Leafletdrop Campaign: Spreading Their Message to Millions

Oddbox, wanted to expand their reach and introduce their brand to more potential customers. With Leafletdrop's easy-to-use online booking tool and targeting services, they were able to launch a successful leaflet campaign that reached over 2 million UK homes.

"Leafletdrop really make it easy for us to get our message out to our potential customers. We can book online, in minutes and they handle everything for us. They also help with our print and more importantly ensure it is on recycled paper!" 

Leafletdrop leaflet advertising services
Leafletdrop leaflet advertising services

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