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Virgin Trains

Virgin Trains - a train operating company in the United Kingdom owned by Virgin Rail Group, a joint venture between Virgin Group and Stagecoach.

Integrated Leaflet Advertising to boost bookings

To support the integrated media campaign, Virgin Trains used Leaflet Advertising as a tangible channel to give further desire for travel. This was further supported by multi-channel marketing such as TV & Cinema, Radio, Outdoor, Press, Regional Press, Online advertising, Personalised Email & Paid for Search.

How they planned their campaign

A definitive target audience was selected for the campaign based on locality to train stations overlaid with family homes within bespoke Radio and TV catchments to give a halo to other media.

The Results

ROI of £1.95 for every £1 + 31% incremental booking

+10% New web bookings

+2x Web conversions

Sammy 3
Sammy 3

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