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Working Out the Costs of Leaflet Distribution

Working Out the Costs of Leaflet Distribution

For both new and established businesses, leaflet distribution is an effective way to increase your presence in the local and wider area. It can complement a variety of digital marketing strategies but one thing that can be off-putting to some companies is the costs involved.

Leaflet design, printing and distribution doesn’t come free, though it can still work out to be a highly cost-effective solution. You can expect to pay anywhere between 6 pence and 7 pence per leaflet for distribution and 1 pence to 3 pence per leaflet for printing. This varies on the size and weight of your leaflet and of course, who is distributing it. Try our handy online pricing calculator to work out the cost of your next leaflet distribution. 

At Leafletdrop we offer transparent pricing, so you can easily compare the costs of arranging a campaign and work out the best option that suits your needs and budget.

How Much Does Leaflet Design Cost? 

There are also other costs to consider outside of printing and distribution. You will also need to get your leaflet designed. There are a few options to consider here. If you have design experience or an in-house team then consider designing the leaflet yourself.

You can also try an online design tool that can make DIY leaflet designs easy. These tend to be free although some better platforms may have subscription costs.

The third option would be to hire a professional designer. These costs vary depending on who you use. A one person designer, for example, could charge anywhere between £100 to £500 for a design whereas a fully-fledged creative agency could cost £1000s. 

How Much Does Leaflet Printing Cost?

Printing leaflets is where your costs can really vary based on a number of factors. These include size, folds, paper weights, paper styles and volumes. Paper is somewhat of a commodity and therefore it's prices can rise and fall depending on availability.

A prime example is using recycled paper which can be in high demand. Another factor to consider for print economy of scale. The more print you order, the cheaper each item becomes due to cost efficiencies of printing in bulk. You can get an accurate price for your print using our online calculator which is kept up to date with the latest print prices from Leafletdrop. 

How Much Is It To Distribute Leaflets?

There are many kinds of leaflet distribution and each one can vary in cost. Solus leaflet distribution is where your leaflet is delivered on it's own to each household. This can be a more expensive route as the distributors are out delivering your item only. There are also iserts, where your leaflet is stuffed into a newspaper, magazine or leaflet pack. This can be a cheaper option as it is delivered with other items however, you can lose stand out on the doormat.

Then you have Royal Mail distributions. These are leaflets that are delivered by Royal Mail alongside the post. Your item can be delivered with other flyers at the same time but never from a competing industry. At Leafletdrop, we utilise Royal Mail distributions for the maximum stand out on the doormat at a competitive price. 

Leaflet Distribution Pricing Calculator

Leaflet advertising can have a lot of different cost factors to consider, but with Leafletdrop, you can book your entire campaign online, in minutes with one clear price. Then you can site back and relax as we organise everything for you from high quality print to reliable Royal Mail distribution and all the logistics in between. 

Try our handy online pricing calculator to work out the cost of your next leaflet distribution or sign up for free to begin building your campaign. Our leaflet targeting tool lets you choose the appropriate households within the desired area(s) for your campaign to make your budget go further and ensure your business is getting in front of your ideal customers. You can also receive 10% off the price of your first leaflet distribution campaign when you use Leafletdrop*.

*Offer only available if you have not booked a campaign with Whistl or one of our partners or carriers within the last 18 months.


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