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How Can Leafletdrop's Profiling Enhance Your Leaflet Advertising

How to use Leafletdrop’s profiling tool to optimise your leaflet advertising?

According to a study conducted by the DMA, a targeted doordrop campaign can be up to 10 times more effective than a non-targeted campaign!  That clearly indicates a targeted campaign can result in a higher ROI than non-targeted campaigns. However, to reap the benefits of targeted campaigns, it is crucial to understand your target audience's interests and needs through effective customer profiling.

This is where Leafletdrop's profiling service comes into play. In this blog post, we will highlight the significance of customer profiling and showcase how Leafletdrop can assist you in achieving your advertising goals.

What do you mean by customer profiling?

As businesses strive to enhance their advertising strategies and boost sales, customer profiling emerges as a promising approach. By delving into customers' distinct characteristics and demographics, you can better understand their needs and interests. The process of customer profiling entails collecting data on various parameters such as age, income, household composition, number of children, tenure, and property type.


Customer profiling also considers the various lifecycle stages that individuals may be going through. These stages provide valuable insights into customers' lifestyles and habits, allowing you to tailor your advertising campaigns accordingly.


For example, a business targeting parents of primary school children may focus on advertising school supplies and extracurricular activities. On the other hand, a business targeting empty nesters may focus on advertising travel opportunities, or downsizing options.

By analysing these data points, a detailed customer profile can be created to better understand their needs and preferences. And by understanding your customers' profiles, you can effectively target specific households ensuring your leaflets reach the right people.

Introducing Leafletdrop's Profiling Service

Leafletdrop offers a comprehensive profiling service designed to assist you in understanding your customers better. Our profiling service utilises an internal targeting tool, which analyses your customer data to create a detailed report outlining your customer profiles. It's a hassle-free solution that provides you with valuable insights to boost the effectiveness of your leaflet advertising campaigns.

How can you use it?

Using Leafletdrop's profiling service is quite simple and GDPR compliant. All you need to do is provide us with a minimum of 50 postcodes from your customer data – that’s all! For example, you can send your postcodes, such as SL7 1TB, to the email address

If you prefer not to send postcodes, we have an alternative option that allows you to describe your customers using specific (demographic) details.  For example, you can provide information like “ABC1 25-35- year-olds, households income 40£k-80£k, living in rented or owned accommodation and families with1 or more children”.

Once we receive your information, our team of experts will get to work on analysing your data and creating a detailed profiling report for you.

What happens next?

Within just 24 hours on business days (Monday to Friday) of receiving your postcodes, we will provide you with an in-depth profiling report. This report will highlight your customers' top three lifecycle stages to target and their average income bracket. Additionally, it will include other relevant insights based on the data provided. These valuable findings will help in empowering you to design highly targeted and personalised marketing campaigns, ensuring that your leaflets reach the right households and maximise your advertising efforts. 


How can you leverage our targeting tool?

Once you receive your report, you can use our targeting tool to focus on the households that are most likely to be your potential customers. You can select the life stages you wish to target, even the income brackets. This way, you can have peace of mind knowing that your leaflets are targeting your intended audience, thereby enhancing the overall effectiveness of your advertising efforts.

Leafletdrop Profiling Tool.png

Why should you use Leafletdrop's profiling service?

Imagine crafting highly targeted and personalised messages that speak directly to your audience's needs and desires. With Leafletdrop's profiling service, we take your leaflet distribution efforts to the next level by maximising their impact. This means, by appending your profile report data, our targeting tool works even harder to ensure that your leaflets reach the right households, amplifying their effectiveness.

Here are top 3 benefits that you can achieve:

  1. Enhanced targeting: You can optimise your leaflet distribution by precisely targeting households that match your ideal customer profile. By integrating your profile report data, our advanced targeting tool ensures that your leaflets reach the most relevant audience, increasing the likelihood of generating a positive response and higher conversion rates.
  2. Cost-effective campaigns: By customising your marketing efforts based on customer profiles, you maximise the efficiency of your resources and budget, resulting in more cost-effective leaflet distribution campaigns.
  3. Increased Personalisation: You can personalise your marketing messages and offerings according to your audience's preferences and needs. This will help you create a stronger connection with your customers and drive better results.

Start leveraging the power of customer profiling to target the right households, increase ROI, and drive the success of your leaflet campaigns. To make it even better, we're offering a limited-time free profiling offer.

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Leaflet distribution offer

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