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What To Do After Your Leaflet Campaign

What To Do After Your Leaflet Campaign

What happens after a Leaflet advertising campaign can be just as important as the campaign itself. Business time is precious, so you don’t want to waste it on a brilliant flyer distribution if you then disregard its effectiveness and miss potential learnings for your next campaigns. 

Digital data is readily available for your online marketing activity whereas attribution data for printed advertising can seem harder to obtain and analyse. Leafletdrop have compiled a list of things to consider for after your leaflet distribution campaign has been rolled out to make sure you get the most from your marketing campaign. 

Organise your data

By data, we mean any information you’ve received off the back of your leaflet campaign. Depending on how your leaflet has encouraged people to respond will dictate what kind of data you now have. If you used:

  • A campaign landing page - you can track website analytics for the page (think device data, sessions, goal completions, bounce rates etc, Google Analytics is great for this and it will help you to see if your website content matches your customers’ expectations based on your leaflet campaign)
  • a discount code - compile data about where (online/offline and/or what store location) and how the voucher was used (like what did they buy?)

Another key method of gathering and measuring leaflet campaign success is to look at all your other live channels during the campaign and after as leaflets heavily compliment all other digital and direct marketing channels. For example: 

  • Has your website traffic increased from direct or organic visits during or shortly after your distribution dates 
  • Check your pay per click traffic volumes during the campaign compared to a similar period with no print activity 
  • Speak to your staff and always ask. For example, have you had an increase in calls and are you asking where your new customers heard of you 

It is important to firstly gather all your data to measure campaign success and to then organise it ready for additional nurturing campaigns. 

Nurture your leads

Once you have gathered your initial response data post campaign, it is a good idea to get your audience into a nurturing media plan. The more your target audience see your brand, the more likely they are to remember it and take action. Here are some quick and easy ways to nurture your target audience post leaflet advertising:  

  • Re-marketing - If you have digital data, try pushing it into a re-marketing campaign across social media, emails and display advertising
  • Sign them up to the newsletter if you have obtained email information 
  • Test Direct Mail activity - Direct Mail works wonders when following leaflet advertising activity
  • Promote In-store offers for new customers
  • Amend your location settings on pay per click advertising to ensure you are covering the leafleted areas 

Once your leaflet advertising campaign and nurturing activity are finished, it is time to then analyse the campaign data to then identify ways of improving your efforts. 

Analyse the data

This is the next step in improving your marketing efforts. By analysing the data you have gathered, you should know what worked and what hasn’t.

If you’ve run multiple leaflet campaigns that had different goals, you now can compare response rates and other metrics to see which one was more successful and what were the differences? Think type of leaflet (size, format etc), colours, text copy, images, tone of voice, offers, and any other things you did differently across campaigns. If it’s your first campaign, you now have a base point with which to compare your next campaign and the data you did get is still invaluable. 

If you are able to link your sales to postcodes for example, perhaps you need to physically deliver something to your customer? You can then look at the postcodes that have been covered by your distribution and compare them to areas which have not received your leaflet. Have you seen a higher volume of sales from the recipients? If so, it is a good indication that the leaflet has driven an uplift in your sales.

You can also look at what call to actions worked best on your leaflet designs for example, if you had a QR code and a phone number, which got more traction? Noting even the smallest of tweaks can improve your future leaflet advertising activity. 

Identify ways to improve

Now you have the data, it's time to plan what you will do with it. Here are some popular factors that can come out of a leaflet campaign analysis with ways of improving next time: 

  • Timing: If your data suggests your timing may have been off, then you may want tweak your distribution dates. Check out our distribution timing article here. 
  • Design: If your data shows your design needs tweaking then we have a great leaflet design video on how you a can ensure your design is working as hard as possible. 
  • Other Channels: Maybe you are thinking of integrating new marketing channels with your next campaign. Take a look at our leaflet marketing integration blog here. 

Plan your next campaign

Leaflet advertising is a great way to increase brand awareness, boost other marketing channels and most importantly, drive commercial actions through tangible media. Even if you don't get it right first time, try and try again! Once you have nailed this media, you are sure to be reaping the rewards. 

Leafletdrop lets you plan, book and pay for an entire campaign online, in minutes. Sign up for free today. 

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