Restaurant Leaflet Distribution

Restaurants can use multiple advertising channels to drive new business. Whether you are a local takeaway service or a Michelin star, marketing to your local customers is key to increasing orders and footfall. One key marketing channel that has historically worked very well for the hospitality industry is leaflet advertising. Takeaway restaurants have benefited from local-leaflet distributions for many years, as have larger national restaurant brands. How can you utilise this channel to drive new customers? 

How Does Leaflet Advertising Help Restaurants?

Leaflet advertising works hard for any business sector. In fact, a study from JICMAIL, the leading print-marketing researchers, showed that 69% of all leaflets are engaged with in some way. For restaurants and local takeaway businesses, distributing leaflets to your local audience is a great way to gain new business, but it is important to do it the right way. 

If you are currently delivering local leaflets yourself, you may be wasting valuable marketing budget. This is down to the fact that you are not effectively targeting the right audience, which risks your leaflet ending up in the bin. It also means your leaflet is delivered on its own through the door, which for some receivers might appear as scam mail. Here are some key things to consider when distributing restaurant or takeaway leaflets: 

 Restaurant Advertising Case Study

Bills Restaurant used leaflet advertising to target new and existing local customers. They incentivised their target households with a free bottle of wine which gave them an overall sales increase of 13.2%. See what they had to say about their campaign: 

“We appointed Whistl to undertake our Leaflet advertising campaign. Their insight and targeting capabilities makes Leaflets a great option to reach new users. We are extremely pleased with the results"

Read the full case study here. 

How Leafletdrop can help

Did you know you can book  restaurant leaflet distribution online with Leafletdrop? We even have an online targeting tool and offer high-quality print solutions. Get an accurate price estimate instantly with our online price calculator. Then, sign up for free and book your campaign in minutes. We use Royal Mail distributions and offer print and distribution or distribution-only services. Book online, in minutes, then leave everything else to us.