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The Doordrop Breakthrough: Bother's Pathway to Phenomenal Growth

The Doordrop Breakthrough: Bother's Pathway to Phenomenal Growth

In a world where traditional marketing approaches fall short, Doordrops have emerged as the catalyst for a customer engagement revolution. With their targeted precision and cost-effective reach, they have become the go-to channel for many businesses today irrespective of their sizes. Here, we delve into the inspiring story of Bother and how they harnessed the power of Doordrops to embark on a path towards resounding success. 

Expanding Horizons: Bother's Journey Beyond Digital Platforms 

Home delivery start-up Bother initially achieved success through social media and digital channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Google. However, to reach their ambitious targets, they recognised the need for diversification. Embracing the opportunity to explore new avenues, Bother partnered with Marketreach to identify scalable, targeted, and cost-effective channels.  

How Doordrops revolutionised Customer Engagement and drove Nationwide Growth? 

Bother devised a test and learn strategy with a vision to expand nationwide. doordrop campaign, featuring an enticing '£25 off your first shop' offer and a QR code for seamless app downloads, delivered exceptional results.  

Bother Door Drop Image.png

With each subsequent campaign, Doordrops unlocked new levels of growth, propelling Bother's expansion plans and proving their unparalleled effectiveness as a vital component of their marketing strategy. 

The results 

Bother's first campaign witnessed an extraordinary 1132% surge in app downloads compared to the previous week. With each subsequent leaflet, the momentum continued, driving no less than a remarkable 500% increase in app users. These game-changing drops also revolutionised Bother's marketing strategy, slashing Facebook ad costs by 50% and outperforming digital channels with CPAs 33% lower. Now, leaflets have become a cornerstone of Bother's acquisition plan, setting the stage for increased volumes in 2022 and opening doors to explore new avenues for growth through other mail products. 

Plan your next doordrop campaign 

Get ready to plan your next doordrop campaign and unlock its incredible potential. With leaflet advertising, you have a unique opportunity to connect with people on a personal level that digital channels simply can't match.  Leafletdrop lets you plan, target, book, and pay for an entire campaign online, in minutes.  You can order your print through Leafletdrop too and then sit back and leave the rest to us. Sign up for free today



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