Leaflet Distribution

At Leafletdrop, we offer a highly targeted leaflet distribution service that allows you to control flexible delivery dates to suit your marketing campaigns. Our network of local delivery teams along with Royal Mail, makes it not only easy and cost-effective, but also ensures that your targeted leaflet campaigns reach your intended demographic.

Flexibility on delivery dates for leaflet distribution is key and experience shows that in some cases, spreading local distribution over an extended period – say two weeks – works very well for our clients. An extended leaflet distribution window has many advantages but most critically it gives your internal sales team greater scope to answer calls and respond to enquiries rather than facing an inundation of potential leads. If you choose to use Royal Mail as your preferred distributor, Leafletdrop will advise you on the actual delivery date either through your account manager, email or through your leaflet campaign manager.

Leafletdrop’s easy to use distribution targeting software allows you to pinpoint the postcodes and areas where you intended target audience live and our simple to understand categorisation of households is sure to target the correct households.

Royal Mail’s Distribution Resources

Royal Mail’s leaflet distribution capabilities consists of:-

  • Access to 27 million UK households
  • Leaflets delivered alongside addresses mail
  • A trusted distribution brand

Talk to our team today on 01628 816 611 or for an indication on leaflet distribution campaign pricing simply provide a few details and get started with ease.