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Use your constituency sectors

Use your constituency sectors

Upload some or all of your constituency postcode sectors as a CSV file which will appear on the map selected for distribution. Then follow the simple steps to book your distribution online selecting the "Distribution Only" button.

Whistl will send the delivery instructions to Paragon to organise the delivery of the leaflets in to the Royal Mail WBC’s. Whistl can provide your constituency schedule, provide a demo and support you. Get in touch today if you have any questions.

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High-quality leaflet printing from Campaign Toolkit

On your order confirmation you will have the volume scheduled for distribution. Simply pop back to Campaign Toolkit, to select and populate your artwork template and order your printing for the volume scheduled for distribution.

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High quality leaflet printing

Book your Leaflet distribution in five easy steps:

  1. Sign up for free 
  2. Contact us at to confirm the postcode sectors you require prior to booking. 
  3. Once your sectors are confirmed, upload your postcode sector file.
  4. Your selections will appear on the map 
  5. Schedule & Pay 
  6. Book your print on the Paragon portal

Leafletdrop allows you to book standard postcode sector geography only, if you require specific boundary geography please contact Alex at If you would like addressed mail or split Ward levels which are usually addressed mail geography, please refer to to support you.

Campaign toolkit and Leafletdrop

Note: To confirm available postcode sectors and ensure accuracy of your booking, contact us at before placing any orders.

Leaflet  distribution offer  Lea
Leaflet  distribution offer  Lea

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