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Earth & Wheat

Earth & Wheat is the one stop ‘wonky’ food market whose mission is to fight food waste by rescuing high quality baked goods, fruit and veg and deliver directly to a customer's door whilst donating to UK charities.


As a start-up brand trying to break into the subscription food box market, Earth & Wheat wanted to use a tangible media channel to reach households where grocery decisions happen. Referring to JICMAIL research, which highlighted that print media provides high attention and engagement at just 7p per minute, their goal was to attract long-term, loyal customers with strong lifetime value.

Driving brand awareness

Earth & Wheat partnered with Whistl to elevate awareness and drive loyalty through doordrops.  With Whistl's AI eye-tracking software, they fine-tuned their doordrop creative, gaining creative insights that really amped up the overall impact of the final doordrop.


  • 36% uplift in sales
  • The doordrop resulted in 882 QR scans (that’s a 0.44% RR on QR scans)
  • Customers placed an average of over 2 orders within a 6-week post-campaign period.

"Whistl’s eye tracking and recommendations made us rethink our first draft, meaning we had a strong hard hitting doordrop creative. With Whistl’s advice, we gave consumers enough choice on how to respond to us or ‘find out more’.

Whistl have been so easy to work with and quite simply,if attention matters to you, then doordrop shouldbe considered as part of the media mix."

Natasha Holmes
Brand Manager, Earth & Wheat
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Leafletdrop leaflet advertising services

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