Our leaflet targeting tool

Leaflet advertising is a powerful way to land your message directly to consumers in the comfort of home.

Leafletdrop is brought to you by Whistl, market leaders in audience targeting and leaflet services. We work with many clients from big to small, local to national and understand that audience targeting delivers better response rates and stronger return on investment. That’s why Leafletdrop gives you an easy-to-use audience targeting tool to help you find the right audience who will more likely engage and respond to your leaflet campaign. With access to over 27 million UK households, our simple targeting tool lets you build up leaflet distribution by postcode area.

Every postcode districts contains around 2,500 households. We apply industry leading data tools to understand the common traits for each postcode area such as age, income and presence of children. This creates meaningful audience groups which can be selected in the tool.

We’ve grouped the UK population into four Life Stages:

  • Families: Adults with children
  • Early Life: Adults 21-35 years old
  • Mid Life: Adults 35-55 years old
  • Later Life: Adults 55 years and over

Within each Life Stage, we’ve created more detailed sub-groups for stronger targeting:

Target Families - Leafletdrop


• Playschool Parents: with pre-school aged children

• Primary School Parents: with Primary School aged children

• Secondary School Parents: with Secondary School aged teenagers

• Hotel Parents: Mid-Life mature parents


Target Couples - Leafletdrop

Early Life

• Fledglings: Young adults still living in the parental home

• Nest Builders: Young and married in own property

• Flown The Nest: Young singles living in own property

Target Mid Life - Leafletdrop

Mid Life

• Non-standard Families: Not married/living as a couple, living with relations, do not live with their children

• Unconstrained Couples: Middle aged Couples with no Children

• Mid-life Independents: Middle aged singles with no children

Target Later Life - Leafletdrop

Later Life

• Empty Nesters: Mature couples with no children

• Senior Sole Decision Makers: Mature Singles

How to use our targeting tool:

Step 1:

- Enter your postcode or town, and apply a radius or drivetime.

- This shows you the number of postcode areas and the total number of households in your chosen catchment area

Leaflet targeting Step One - Leafletdrop

Step 2:

- Select your target audience groups – you can select all or some of the sub-groups

Leaflet Targeting Step Two - Leafletdrop

Step 3:

- Select your chosen income bracket

Leaflet Targeting Step Three - Leafletdrop

Step 4:

- Use the Target Audience Range slider to select a Wide or Accurate audience, based on your Target Audience selections

- ‘Wide’ gives you more households within your chosen catchment, with a broader audience

- ‘Accurate’ gives you less households within your chosen catchment, with a tighter audience

Leaflet Targeting Step Four - Leafletdrop

Step 5:

- Postcode sectors automatically show in blue which relate to the household volume and distribution cost show underneath the map. When you’ve reached the right level of households to your budget, click ‘Add This Area’.

- You can add multiple areas, one at a time, on each leaflet campaign. Click 'Add new area' to do this.

 Leaflet Targeting Step Five - Leafletdrop

Upload your own postal sectors 

You can upload your own postal sectors from the targeting home screen. Click 'Upload custom areas' here:

Then upload your postal sectors from a spreadsheet but ensure it is saved as a .CSV file

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