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How to Make Personalised Flyers That Stand Out From the Crowd

How to Make Personalised Flyers That Stand Out From the Crowd

Personalised flyers can be a game-changer for getting customers engaged with your business. They include details more specific to the recipient than traditional leaflets, from offers tailored to their demographic to the customer’s name. Targeted messaging leads to a more personal connection with your potential customer, creating higher conversion rates. Setting up more specific marketing material can also make tracking conversions from a demographic easier, which is becoming more critical in a cookie-less world. 

Online editors make creating personalised flyers easier than ever. In this article, we'll dive into how to develop cost-effective, personalised flyers that genuinely resonate with customers.

Understand your target audience

The more insights you have on your audience, the easier it is to decide on the kind of promotions, messaging and designs that resonate with them.

Audience segmentation

Start by dividing your target audience into smaller groups based on common characteristics.

While you should research what your target audience genuinely resonates with (to avoid stereotyping), there can be significant differences between your target demographics. Demographic information includes factors like age, gender and location - consider the difference between the average 20 and 60-year-old man. Location-specific promotions, in particular, can help drive footfall to your physical business.

Another important aspect of target audience analysis is understanding their interests. Customising flyers based on hobbies or lifestyle choices helps create relevant content for your audience.

Looking at purchasing habits - whether these are seasonal trends for all customers to your business, lapsed, or other groups based on previous purchase data - and tailoring promotions to these can significantly help increase conversion. Equally, analysing customer’s typical eCommerce behaviour, including website visits and clicks, can be used to craft personalised recommendations. The more data you can draw conclusions from, the better your personalisation will be.

Creating your personalised leaflet


Content is vital in effective personalisation, as personalised messaging significantly impacts potential customers. You need to grab attention and convey your message clearly, so keep your content concise, compelling, and relevant. Simple language, avoiding jargon, and opting for short, straightforward sentences are the best ways to achieve this. Design choices like capitalisation or bold fonts can also help emphasise words.

Depending on the specificity of the audience data and information available, you can use various techniques to personalise your message. Highlighting particular product or service benefits or sharing testimonials and success stories from similar customers are great ways to personalise content for an audience segment. If you target individual customers, address your recipients by name to engage with them.


Once you’ve drafted your message, a creative process to create impactful, visually appealing leaflets or flyers is essential. Personalised flyers begin with customisable templates, which provide a foundation for creating unique designs. Choosing the most suitable layout for your branding, visual appeal, and readability is essential. Information should be organised logically by prioritising critical details at the top to help recipients quickly grasp the flyer's central message. Headings, bullet points, and other visual cues help guide readers and highlight essential information throughout your leaflet.

Once you have your layout, you can customise almost any visual element to your audience’s preference, but remember to stick to your brand guidelines first and foremost (especially when choosing logos, colours and fonts):

  • Images: use high-quality images and graphics that align with your message and target audience's preferences.
  • Colours: you can use colours to influence emotion and perception - for example, red can create a sense of urgency with time-limited promotions.
  • Fonts: choose visually appealing fonts that are readable and legible in different sizes.

Call-to-action (CTA)

While messaging and visual design are essential to get customers to look at and engage with your flyer, your CTA is crucial to spur potential customers into action. Personalised marketing materials are best when you can offer something special just for your target audience - so if you can give a tailored offer just for that segment, then do. Time-limited discounts or exclusive benefits often encourage a quicker response from your audience.

A clear and visually distinct CTA should outline what your customer needs to do to obtain their special offer. It should be extremely short but clearly instruct the next step, whether this needs to be done online, by phone or in person by the customer. Interactive elements like QR codes can also maximise your audience engagement, and these are becoming more popular post-pandemic.

Now you can implement all this knowledge by brainstorming ideas for your personalised flyer. Experiment with different layouts, designs and messages to find what works best for your business and brand. Once you’ve distributed your flyers, you can track their effectiveness by monitoring response rates and conversions. Personalised flyers can become a valuable asset in your marketing toolkit with a strategic approach and continuous refinement based on data.

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