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10% off for new customers with code NEW10
10% off for new customers with code NEW10

10% off for new customers with code NEW10

Get a 10% discount on distribution costs if you have not booked with Leafletdrop or our distribution partners within the last 18 months.

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What can Leafletdrop offer my business?

Gain more bang for your marketing buck with highly targeted Doordrop media. As an Enterprise customer, you get access to growth incentive discounts, expert training, enhanced targeting and tons of support and resources to optimise your advertising activity.


Measuring campaign performance

Leafletdrop works with your marketing teams to ensure leaflet advertising is an effective part of your omnichannel campaigns. We work with your data and provide tracking best practices to ensure we measure the most accurate response rates for your Doordrop activity.


  • Advanced leaflet targeting

    With Leafletdrop, your team can utilise our advanced targeting tool plus gain advanced offline targeting services from our expert planning team. You will also benefit from free customer profiling and lots of additional household targeting support.

  • Training, support & resources

    As an Enterprise client, you will have access to our experienced leaflet advertising experts, the Leafleeters, as well as a dedicated account manager as standard. Alongside the wealth of online Doordrop resources, you can also access free JICMAIL media metrics, free leaflet design eye tracking software & intelligent doordrop campaign analysis.

  • High-quality print services

    You also benefit from our established print partner relationships meaning economies of scale & the very best in print quality. Our partners are also B corp certified.

    With our print and distribution services, Leafletdrop manages the full campaign process for you. You can rest easy knowing that your campaign is backed by more than 70 years of Doordrop knowledge, and you can focus on other marketing activities.

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Oddbox Success Story
Oddbox Success Story

"Leafletdrop really make it easy for us to get our message out to our potential customers"


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How many households can I target in a single campaign?

The sky's the limit! Book as little or as much as you like. Our only minimum rule is that you must book at least one postcode sector.

Will I see a finished copy of my leaflet?

You will receive a digital proof prior to the print run. If you would like a printed copy of your printed item by post please get in touch.

Can I repeat bookings?

Yes, if you are a registered user you can go into your campaign dashboard and find the completed campaign you would like to mirror, click on "download postal sectors". Remove all columns other than the first and save a copy, you can then upload this to your next campaign. Please do get in touch should you get stuck!

Do you have tick and bleed guides?

If you are using our design online service, all templates contain a danger zone/trim. Whilst creating your masterpiece, you will see a red dotted line, this is the trim/danger zone for imagery and text. It is imperative that all imagery and text do not go outside this zone. However, your creative background colour (if applicable) must exceed this, you will need to take your background colour over the edge of the creative.

If you would like a specific tick and bleed guide please get in touch and our friendly leafleteers can source them for you.


How do I add multiple postcodes or cities?

You can add multiple sectors, one at a time. For example, find your target audience in Birmingham then add the sectors. You will then be shown a link to say 'add a new area'.

How do I see a list of my target sectors?

When on the mapping screen you can expand the 'choose postcode sector' option from the right hand menu. You can also expand 'show area detail' under each campaign on the 'My campaign summary' page.

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Built by leading leaflet advertising experts, Leafletdrop gives you all the tools you need for a successful print marketing campaign.

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Leafletdrop is the UK’s leading leaflet marketing company, built on over 70 years of doordrop experience. Find out more about us.

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