When and who should be using leaflet drop advertising

Targeted and cost-effective marketing

In the previous article we discussed some of the findings by JICMAIL that continue to show the great marketing reach leaflet distribution has. In this article, we look at who can take advantage of the marketing opportunities of leaflet distribution and when and what products or services are best suited for leaflet advertising campaigns.

Who can benefit from leaflet distribution?

Almost all businesses can benefit from leaflet drops and any business wanting to grab the attention of the public within their target areas should consider it.

There will be natural considerations on the catchment area – no point advertising your trade services to areas that are hundreds of miles away. Also, consider identifying the target audience that meets your criteria – Leafletdrop can provide the necessary household data to target the best potential audience. In this day and age of ecommerce, leaflet advertising is the perfect partner for all your digital marketing as catchment area need not be a concern.

When can you use leaflet distribution?

Again, this will be largely dependent on your service offering but leaflet distribution works to promote general awareness of your brand and campaigns can be run at any time of the year.

Given the fact that leaflet drops on average stay within the target household for prolonged periods (45% of recipients keep the leaflet pinned to a board or in a kitchen drawer for later use – Source: The Direct Marketing Association), leaflet drops can result in a drip effect marketing that results in enquiries or sales several weeks or indeed months later.


Leaflet distribution can however be used at the following example times and key events:-

  • Seasonally – plan your leaflet drops several months ahead of seasonal peaks like Christmas or if in the trades, plan ahead for people who may need your gardening services ahead of summer
  • Relocation – keep your existing or potential client base updated on any plans to move
  • New management – improve your PR and broadcast that your company is changing
  • Website or brand launch – no new brand or website hits the road running and leaflet drops can help build up interest while your online presence matures
  • Stock clearance & sales – sales and the offer of a discount convert well and placing this within households can have a great return on investment

Getting your leaflets distributed to the 27 million UK households is the first step of your leaflet advertising campaign.

Ensuring that they send the right message, with the correct calls to action and that you have a means to measure their effectiveness are fundamental steps. Please feel free to continue reading our guide which covers these and other topics

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