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What businesses should use leaflet advertising?

When and who should be using leaflet drop advertising

What businesses should use leaflet advertising?

In a previous article, we explored the extensive marketing reach of leaflet advertising, underscoring the value of utilising door drops as an effective marketing tool. This article will delve into the specific types of businesses that can benefit from leaflet advertising. Additionally, we will discuss the optimal timing for planning leaflet campaigns and provide inspiring campaign ideas.

What businesses can benefit from leaflet advertising?

Almost all businesses can benefit from leaflet advertising due to how versatile the marketing method is. Whether a local tradesperson or a national corporation, no other marketing channel intercepts markets like a well-designed leaflet inside a boundary on the doormat. 

Examples of businesses that use leaflet advertising

If you’re wondering if leaflet advertising works for businesses like yours, here is a list of the common business types that utilise leaflets as a marketing channel.

1. Local businesses

Leaflet advertising is particularly suitable for small, local businesses that want to target a specific geographic area. Local companies could include restaurants, cafes, beauty salons, fitness studios, local shops, and service providers like plumbers, electricians, and gardeners. Leaflets can help raise awareness about their offerings, promote special offers, and attract customers from the surrounding community.

2. Event organisers:

 Leaflet advertising helps promote events, such as concerts, festivals, conferences, trade shows, and community gatherings. Distributing leaflets in strategic locations can generate interest in target markets, increase attendance, and provide event details and schedules to potential participants.

3. Real estate agencies: 

Real estate agencies can utilise leaflets to showcase properties for sale or rent. They can include high-quality images, key features, contact information, and open-house details. Flyers can be distributed in the neighbourhoods where the properties are located or given out at local events and fairs.

4. Retailers and e-commerce businesses: 

Retailers can use leaflet advertising to announce sales, discounts, new product launches, or store openings. Similarly, e-commerce businesses can include promotional codes or special leaflet offers to encourage online purchases. Flyers can be distributed in-store, sent via direct mail, or included in product shipments.

5. Service providers:

 Service-oriented businesses can also benefit from leaflet advertising. Service companies could include healthcare providers, such as doctors, dentists, and chiropractors, who can use leaflets to introduce their services to potential patients. Personal trainers, tutors, and language schools can also benefit from leaflet advertising.

6. Non-profit organisations:

 Leaflets can be an effective tool for non-profit organisations to raise awareness about their cause, upcoming events, volunteer opportunities, or donation campaigns. They can be distributed in local communities, at fundraising events, or through partnerships with other businesses.

When should a business use leaflet distribution?

The best time of year to book a leaflet advertising campaign will largely depend on your offering and the demand for your products/services from your target market.

45% of consumers keep a leaflet in their home for later use (Source: The Direct Marketing Association), so leaflet drops can result in slow-release marketing that results in enquiries or sales several weeks or months after the campaign drop.

As leaflet advertising can be utilised for purposes other than sales, a leaflet campaign can be run anytime. For more information on how often to run a leaflet campaign, take a look at the next article in this series: How frequently to run a leaflet campaign.

Here Leafletdrop has outlined some key examples of when to schedule your leaflet campaigns:-


Plan your leaflet advertising campaigns several months ahead of seasonal peaks like Christmas, or if in the trades, plan for people who may need services for certain seasons, such as gardening services ahead of summer. The ideal seasons for your business should be based on your usual seasonal peaks.

Premises Relocation 

Keep your existing or potential client base updated on moving plans. A premises relocation campaign should include details a customer needs to access your products/services. For some businesses, a relocation campaign is unnecessary if customers don’t need access to your physical location. A relocation campaign would be essential for a customer-facing brick-and-mortar business, such as a shop, auto shop or restaurant.

New management 

A campaign to notify customers of new management would be for PR to broadcast to your customers that the company is changing. Like relocation, a new management campaign won’t always be necessary. A new management campaign may have multiple motives, such as promoting any planned improvements or innovations or reassuring loyal customers of a continuation of service. 
The whole leaflet doesn’t need to be dedicated to new management either. A sales campaign could have a small section with this information, which could encourage sales and double as a very brief newsletter.

Website or brand launch 

If your business has set up its first website, this campaign could be one of the most valuable campaigns you ever book! A website allows customers to browse your products or services without leaving home. 
It can take a while for a new website to generate enough traffic and for content to attract new customers. Hence, leaflets effectively promote your website domain and build interest while your online presence matures.

For these reasons, a multichannel marketing campaign using printed materials and digital advertising is most businesses' most effective marketing strategy. 

Stock clearance & sales

Sales and discounts convert well, provided you’ve targeted effectively; sales leaflets can have a great return on investment. Whether you have an e-commerce business, a brick-and-mortar store, or both, consumers are inundated daily with advertisements, so a leaflet on the doormat can help cut through the noise. 

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