Making Leaflet Distribution Campaigns Count

Leaflet distribution campaigns rely on various elements to guarantee success. The start point is finding a reliable leaflet distributor who will ensure that your marketing collateral is physically delivered. Actual delivery does not in itself guarantee success, so a critical factor to consider is whether you are targeting the right people through leaflet advertising.

Next, but a critical consideration throughout the planning phase, is making sure that the leaflet design itself is captivating and has the right hooks to convert recipients to become customers.

Take the 5 Second Challenge

Leaflets have less than 5 seconds to make an impact. We live in an increasingly time poor world and receive a growing number of media messages throughout the day –  making sure you make the right impression is essential. Leaflets – in contrast to say a radio or television advert – will often physically stay within the target household for prolonged periods, furthering the need to make that initial visual impact one that lasts. Leaflet recipients will often store a leaflet that resonates or even share it.

Take the 5 second challenge yourself – as owners of the leaflet design you may have formed your own opinion so make sure an independent (and brutally honest) person views the final design for the leaflets. What may be a very clear message to you, may not achieve the same result for those less close to your product or service.

The Pillars of Effective Leaflet Design

  • Touch is key – as opposed to digital or other marketing channels, leaflets should be tactile and printed to high quality on good quality paper
  • Declutter and keep it simple
  • Make your opening lines the hook to entice recipients to read further or remember they have seen your leaflet
  • Open with the offer – people and eyes are drawn by offers, discounts and promotions
  • Consider time limits – offers available until a given time
  • Reinforce your key messages further down the leaflet
  • Keep branding consistent – use the same fonts, colours and consistent logo which will jog their memory if they see your brand in the high-street, on vehicle branding and other places
  • Build the leaflet to lead towards a clear “Call to Action”
  • Plan on how you to measure the effectiveness of leaflet distribution – thread in a reference point, use a dedicated line, include a discount code or other means.

At Leaflet Drop we can help with all of the above items and, as an integrated leaflet advertising company, we can take guide you through your leaflet campaign cycle. Talk to us today or get started on your first campaign.

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