Did leaflets work for you?

The most important question you need to answer after your leaflet campaign is, did it work? The great thing about leaflet advertising is that the success of each campaign is easily measured so you can see whether your investment was worthwhile and take learnings to make each campaign better than the last.

We have taken some top tips from Royal Mail Market Reach and listed them here so you can measure your campaigns success with ease.

1. Goals
- Make sure you review your campaigns original objective.
- What were you asking your customers to do – go online, visit your store or call to enquire?
- What’s most important to you to measure – sales, size of sale, visits or appointments made? 

2. Optimisation
- What is great about leaflet campaigns is that you can learn what does or does not work.
- You can see if one campaign has worked better than another.
- And this helps you evaluate what you do in the future.
- And make further improvements to what you do.

3.  Tracking
- Make sure you can track your responses (using a code or coupon can help).
- Check your website can measure how many visitors are coming in.
- Check that your phone handling can record where someone heard about you.
- Think about how you handle more demand.

Evaluation tools

There are a number of ways you can measure your leaflet campaigns success and tools to ensure each campaign is better than the last.


Also known as return on investment, is a simple sum which considers what you spent on your leaflet campaign and what you got back in return. So you take the total revenue generated minus the cost of the leaflet campaign then divide this by the cost of your campaign to work out the return on every pound spent. For example an ROI of 4:1 means you generated £4 for every £1 spent.


Understand how your customers are responding to your leaflets. Did they go online, did they phone? This helps with future planning but also tells you where you need to invest in the future.

Response rates

If you know the likely response you will get from your leaflets then you can plan for your business. If you know you generate a certain number of enquiries then you can understand what volume of leaflets you need in the future to reach your business goal. You can read more on leaflet advertising campaign response rates from the DMA here. 

Creative impact

If you are using more than one creative message over time, you can determine which is the one that works best for you. What offers work best? Do you have seasonal offers that work at different times of the year? The more you hone your approach the better the results you can yield.


By using different targeting you can understand which sets of customers respond to you better. Once you know this, it can be simple to find more customers that look like your good customers and therefore improve you response rates further.

Source: Royal Mail Market Reach

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