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Leafletdrop Unaddressed Print Winners at DMAs 2021

Leafletdrop Unaddressed Print Winners at DMAs 2021

Whistl Doordrop Media & Leafletdrop were the bronze and silver winners of the Direct Marketing Association DMA Award for best use of unaddressed print category.

The silver award was in collaboration with Edit for the RSPCA Christmas appeal campaign. 

The bronze was for Leafletdrop client ‘Who Gives a Crap’ (WGAC).  The strategy of the campaign was to present a quality brand, delivering an environmentally friendly product, humorously.  It was also finalist in the best use of sustainability category.

The branding, visual, stock quality and humorous messaging ensured the householder could clearly understand the message and action.  The content was eye-catching and printed on high quality recycled paper stock, with a simple call to action to their website to order, including a strong offer via the discount code.  The campaign led to an 140% uplift in sales.

WGAC was formed to raise money to help meet the challenge of no sanitation for the 2 billion people who do not have access to a toilet, leading to 800 children dying each day due to diarrheal diseases.

From the initial crowdfunding campaign in 2012 to get the company up and running, it has so far donated £5.3 million to good causes from the sale of their toilet rolls.

Mark Davies, Managing Director, Whistl Doordrop Media, said: “We are delighted with the silver and bronze awards, highlighting the effectiveness of the printed medium in building brand and delivering sales.  Who Gives a Crap, is great example of using humor to build profile for the brand, whilst also raising much needed funds to tackle the issue of poor sanitation around the world.”

Leaflet  distribution offer  Leafletdrop
Leaflet  distribution offer  Leafletdrop

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