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Leafletdrop celebrates 200 million items

Leafletdrop celebrates 200 million items

Leafletdrop, has hit the 200 million item mark in only four years since its launch!

Over 1500 clients have signed up to the platform that enables organisations to target over 30 million UK households with geographic based leaflet marketing campaigns from their desktop either at home or in the office.

what3words, used Leafletdrop as part of an integrated broadcast campaign to effectively raise awareness among their target audience. Their simple postcard creative used both QR codes and URLs to encourage recipients to identify their own unique three-word address for their property. The campaign drove thousands of QR code scans and delivered significant uplifts in website visits coinciding with the weeks of distribution.

Oddbox, was the bronze winner of the Direct Marketing Association DMA Award for best use of unaddressed print category.

Originally conceived for SMEs wanting to cost effectively target their local markets, the platform has become increasingly popular with national, digital-first brands such as Oddbox and what3words looking to target locally.

The sectors that are big users of Leafletdrop include: home services and improvements retail, charities, care homes, arts & entertainment, pharmacies, political parties, travel & tourism, and e-commerce.

"We are thrilled that Leafletdrop has now hit the 200 million mark for delivered leaflets. It is growing strongly and meeting the needs of self-serve SMEs and marketers. We have proven its power in delivering results, cost effectively, for geographically targeted either standalone or integrated marketing campaigns. Leafletdrop has been designed to be simple to use."

"Once the target households have been identified, businesses can schedule distribution, organise print and pay online on a single platform for a single fee – reducing the need to deal with a multitude of suppliers."

Mark Davies
Managing Director
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Leafletdrop sign up offer

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