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Design Effective Advertising Flyers for Different Businesses

Design Effective Advertising Flyers for Different Businesses

Getting your marketing flyers through the doors of your target market is one thing, but for them to have the desired impact and lead to getting new customers through your door they need to be well designed. There are all sorts of leaflet design tips that offer a good starting point for getting down the basics, but for specific types of business some elements of flyer design will be more effective and important than others. Whether you run a restaurant, babysitters or are a personal tutor, these are the areas to focus most on for your marketing flyers.

How to Make a Flyer Advertising Tutoring

With any flyer design you need to proof read and make sure all the text is spelt right and grammatically correct, but when advertising a tutoring service this is vital. It’s unlikely anyone will be interested in using your tutoring service if there are spelling mistakes anywhere, so it can be advisable to enlist the help of a professional to proof read it if you are unsure about anything.

In some ways tutoring advertising flyers are a form of CV and need to include your skills and experience so readers can trust your competence. Keep it simple and add contact details including your phone number, email and address. Graphics are still important and need to be related to what you’re tutoring, pianos and musical notes if you’re teaching music, scrolls and books for English, for example.

Promote Restaurants and Takeaways

There are two main areas to focus on when designing promotional flyers for restaurants and takeaways: images and the menu. With advertising flyers for restaurants it’s not always necessary to list the entire menu, especially if it’s quite extensive. However, for a takeaway this is essential, as hopefully many people will keep your flyer at home and use it to place orders. Therefore, a phone number is vital too.

In terms of images, these need to be high quality and make everything look appealing, whether it’s a takeaway pizza or a restaurant curry. Don’t go overboard with images, another tactic is to use a few excellent ones. Add on a map to show where you’re located and opening times.

Advertise a Local Garage

A photo of the outside of your garage on the front of your flyer is a good start, as people may instantly recognise where it is on sight alone. Ideally if you can get a nice-looking car parked outside this can help persuade readers that your garage has a good reputation if owners of high-class vehicles use your services.

Include the prices of MOTs, services, new tyres and the other most popular car repairs customers will want to know. List the manufacturers you cater for as well. Again, a map and opening hours along with contact details are essential.  

How to Make a Flyer Advertising Babysitting

Promotional flyers for babysitting services need to focus mainly on the text information, though having a photo of yourself is useful for building trust. Otherwise, detail what ages and areas your babysitting covers, any specific services (such as transportation, before and after school, weekend care etc.) and contact information. It’s also good to include testimonials from happy clients. If they allow you to use their image and name this is even better, as it adds to the authenticity.

Introduce Your Shop

Whether you’ve just opened a new shop, renovated your old one or are looking to pick up business, flyer distribution can help. Any offers you have need to be front and centre on the flyer design, as this is what will first get customers through your door. Advertising all the essentials people will look for, whether you run a simple corner shop or a specialist store, should help catch their eye. Imagery of your finest products are ideal too, along with the shop’s address, opening hours and any contact information.

Use Leafletdrop for Flyer Distribution

At Leafletdrop we offer flyer printing and distribution or just a flyer distribution service, if you’ve already designed and printed your material. Learn more about creating print-ready artwork so that your marketing flyers will turn out as expected, if using our flyer printing services.

Once you’ve designed your flyers, sign up for free to start your flyer distribution campaign. We offer a targeting tool to help you hit the households that meet your desired demographics across local areas in the UK.

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