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7 Best Leaflet design tools for eye-catching leaflets

7 best Leaflet design tools for eye-catching leaflets

Did you know that 89% of consumers remember receiving a door drop mailing more than any other marketing channel? And that’s not all – a staggering 45% of consumers keep the leaflets they receive in a visible place, highlighting the lasting impact that a well-designed leaflet can have on a potential customer.

Leaflets can be an incredibly powerful marketing tool, but designing them can be challenging, especially if you need more skills or resources to create professional-looking designs. Thanks to the internet’s power, several online tools are available to help you design a leaflet in just a few clicks.

In this blog, we will look at the seven best online leaflet design tools available, walk you through their pros and cons, and explore how they can help you create captivating leaflets for your business or organisation.

1. Canva

Design made simple – That’s what Canva is all about! Canva is an excellent choice for businesses looking to create professional looking designs in an easy and affordable way. With a simple drag-and-drop interface and a library of over one million graphics and images, Canva is incredibly user friendly, even for those without design experience.

One standout feature: Extensive range of customisable templates!

Whether you need a flyer or poster, Canva has leaflet design templates that fits your need perfectly. Additionally, Canva allows users to customise their designs with its wide range of features where users can upload their own images, fonts, pre-designed graphics and illustrations

Limitation:  Limited free version

The free version of Canva is limited in terms of templates, font, stock photography, storage and support. Additionally, the free version does not include a brand kit, which allows users to save and reuse their brand colours, fonts and logos across designs.

2. Adobe Illustrator

Want to create a leaflet that is as unique as your business? Look no further than Adobe Illustrator. This powerful design tool offers a wide range of features that allow you to create eye-catching and effective custom leaflets. Thanks to its user-friendly interface and the vast array of design tools, it is a go-to choice for businesses looking to take their leaflet game a step ahead.

One standout feature: Vector-based design capabilities.

You can create high-quality vector graphics with ease. It’s user-friendly interface and design elements allow you to easily create print-ready graphics that are visually appealing and polished. This will enable your leaflets to look crisp and clear no matter their size, making them perfect for printing or sharing digitally.

LimitationSteep Learning Curve

If you are familiar with vector-based graphics, Adobe Illustrator will feel like a user- friendly platform that is ready to meet your design needs. However, if you are not, it may take some time to become comfortable with this platform.

3. Lucidpress

Lucidpress is a user-friendly tool for making compelling flyers. You can consider it as the mini version of Canva. With customisable templates, easy graphics editing, and advanced printing capabilities, this clean user interface can help you easily customise your leaflets per your specific needs.

One standout feature:  Collaborative capabilities

You can invite your team members to work on designs together. With this, you can ensure consistency in branding and messaging across all marketing materials, including leaflets. Additionally, you can learn how to do some essential graphics work with its rich gallery of resources.   

Limitation: Pricing constraint

Lucidpress's pricing is a limiting factor compared to other designing platforms offering similar services. While the platform provides some free options, they are insufficient to unlock the full range of features. As a result, subscribing to the premium options is necessary, which can be a constraint for many.

4. Poster my wall

No need to worry about a complex setup procedure – just click the prominent blue "create a design" button and get started. It's that simple! And with a vast selection of readymade images in the gallery, you can craft an impressive and visually stunning leaflet, even if you lack artistic expertise.

One Standout feature:  User-friendly platform

PosterMyWall is easy to use, so you should have fun in the process of designing your flyer. Once you are done, you can choose from any of their three download options to save the design or even use their paid printing services.

Limitation: Premium subscription

Before you dive into using this tool, it's worth noting that some of its features are reserved for premium users or require displaying their large thumbnail stay on your flyer. Their prices range between $29.95 for three monthly subscriptions and $99.95 annually. This limitation on features and requirement to pay for premium options can be viewed as a downside of using this platform.

5. Adobe Photoshop

When it comes to image editors, Adobe Photoshop dominates. The software tool can be used for a wide range of graphic design purposes, including creating leaflets. Designing Flyers with images can be a breeze in photoshop as it allows effortless integration of text, logos and other graphic elements.  

One standout feature: Tons of editing tools

Photoshop reigns supreme for a reason—you’d find it difficult to find another application that matches its comprehensive toolset. Whether you want to make minor touch-ups, radical tweaks, or even video edits, the program handles all your editing needs and beyond.

Limitation: Complex illustrations 

One downside of Photoshop is that creating complex illustrations or graphics from scratch can be challenging. Moreover, it isn’t the best choice for creating vector graphics, made of lines and shapes that can be resized without losing quality.

6. Instasize

 Would you like a more portable software option to create your leaflets while you are on the move? If that’s the case, you might consider using Instasize. This application allows you to edit leaflet templates on your mobile phone!

One standout feature: Mobile friendly access

You can take a photo from your camera or upload existing photos from your gallery and can easily move, rotate or edit using the touch screen. You can download it for free on both android and ios devices and design leaflets on the go!

Limitation: Free version has only 10 templates

Instasize has some downsides that may deter potential users, such as including advertisements within the app and a relatively high cost for premium features. Additionally, the free version of the app only offers ten filters, which can be limiting for those looking to enhance their images further.

7. Microsoft Word

Microsoft word is more than just a word processing tool.  The newer Microsoft versions (2007 onwards) can make excellent leaflets for various purposes. You can create anything ranging from leaflets, cards, posters, and simple infographics for free from their wide range of templates.

One standout feature: Free to use

Creating these designs is easy because most MS Word graphic features are as simple as the word processing environment. So, you do not need to be an expert before trying out your hand at creating flyers with MS Word! And they are free to use as well.

Limitation: Limited Design Capabilities

MS Word offers only basic design features, limiting the complexity of designs that can be created. It may not have the necessary tools for creating professional-quality graphics, typography or layouts.

Now that you have a handy list of the top 7 leaflet design tools with their pros and cons measured, you can proceed to explore them at your convenience. But if you are looking for even more help with your brochure design, Leafletdrop has you covered.

How can Leafletdrop help you in Leaflet design?

Leafletdrop offers a range of services to help you create eye-catching and effective marketing flyers.

  1. Professional design services: We have expert designers on hand ready to bring your leaflet design ideas to life. Whether you have an idea of what you are looking for, or you are starting from scratch, our experts can ensure your items get standout on the doormat.
  2. Eye tracking leaflet design technology: This smart tool allows us to analyse your artwork to see where people will likely focus their attention, the flow in which they will read your flyer and key changes that can make your design work harder. Get in touch to get your free eye tracking review.
  3. Leaflet design options: We provide a range of design options, including copywriting, proofreading, image sourcing, logo artwork, and print-ready PDFs to ensure that your design is polished and professional.

Get in touch with us to discover how our leaflet design experts can provide you with detailed tips, advice, or even create a full design brief tailored to your specific needs. 


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