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Choosing the best type and finish for your leaflets

Choosing the best finish for your leaflets

According to DMA research, 48% of consumers who received a leaflet ultimately made a purchase. This statistic highlights the powerful influence of well-designed and targeted leaflets in driving conversions and generating sales for businesses.

Talking about well-designed leaflets, we often overlook the thickness and finish of the leaflets. While great design and content are essential for any leaflet, the choice of finish you use is equally important.

There are several leaflet paper types and finishes, each offering a unique look and feel. For example, certain leaflet weights and finishes are appropriate for events, and some may be more appropriate for advertising hospitality & retail.

Choosing the right leaflet for your needs can be overwhelming with so many options. This guide will help you make informed decisions on what to include in a leaflet, and how to make the most of the leaflet printing service.

Choosing the perfect leaflet size

When it comes to leaflet sizes, remember - it's not just about dimensions; it's about the story you want to tell and the impact you want to make. Each size has its unique charm, making it easy to find the perfect fit for your message.

A4 (210 x 297 mm) A4 leaflet

Think of a regular sheet of paper you would print on, and that's the A4 leaflet for you. It provides plenty of room to accommodate lots of images and text, giving you the creative freedom you need.

A5 (148 x 210 mm) A5 Leaflet

A5 is exactly half the size of A4, creating a sweet spot that balances content and portability. It's no wonder it's our most popular leaflet size—a true all-rounder that's just right for various purposes.

A6 (105 x 148 mm) A6 Leaflet

Folding an A5 in half gives you A6, resembling a postcard in size and appearance. It's compact, catchy, and ideal for delivering concise yet impactful information.

DL (99 x 210 mm) DL Leaflet (1).png

Think 1/3 of an A4, that's the size of DL– just like compliments slip, but with more room for your content. These leaflets offer a sleek and slim design, making them ideal for presenting restaurant menus, price lists, event schedules, and more.

Small Square (148 x 148 mm) Small square.jpg

Small square leaflets are all about adding a fun and quirky twist to your message. Thanks to their unique shape, they effortlessly stand out when they land on the doormat.

Big square (210 x 210) Big square.jpg

Much like its smaller counterpart, the big square leaflet brings that fun and quirky charm but with extra space to showcase your content.

Strip (297 x 105) 

strip leaflet

Sleek and attention-grabbing, the strip leaflet effortlessly captivates with its elongated design.

Your Leaflet Fold

The way a leaflet is folded can make all the difference in how effectively it conveys its message. Picking the right leaflet is about more than just its size – the fold matters because it determines how information flows. Depending on what size you go for, you have got a bunch of different options to pick from.

No Fold (2 Sides)No fold Leaflet

As the name reads, it’s a simple double-sided leaflet. This leaflet takes the straight-shooter approach, no fancy folds, just pure design delivering its message in one clear shot.

Best uses:

The No-Fold leaflets are perfect for event invitations, punchy announcements, and bold product showcases.

Half Fold (4 Sides)
Half fold Leaflet

Think of it like a familiar greeting card, folded right in the middle for that satisfying symmetry. This leaflet unfolds into 4 sides: a front cover, two inside pages, and a back cover, offering ample space for your design.

Best uses:

These leaflets hold their charm in a variety of scenarios, including healthcare, cafes, salons & spas, and gyms, where you would want to list different options and prices.

Z fold (6 Sides)Z - fold Leaflet

Also known as Concertina, the Z fold leaflet has 6 sides in the shape of a Z.

Best uses:

This type of leaflet is particularly popular for travel brochures, real estate listings, and even educational institutions, as it provides ample space to showcase your business's products and service offerings, along with essential details such as location and contact information.

Roll fold (6 Sides)Roll fold Leaflet

Similar to the Z-fold leaflet, this type of leaflet also unfolds to reveal 6 sides. However, it's unique because it uses two vertical folds that are inwardly folded.

Best uses:

Roll fold leaflets are primarily designed for larger formats, offering ample space to effectively showcase your products and services. This versatility is especially valuable in industries such as event management, hospitality and even restaurants.

Gate fold (6 Sides)Gate fold Leaflet

A gate fold leaflet resembles two doors opening at the centre. When you unfold it, two smaller sections open outward to reveal a larger, central panel. They work incredibly well with a call to action of opening up your item.

Best uses:

They are absolutely perfect for giving a luxurious spotlight to your top-notch products and services, and they are a top choice for all sorts of promotional needs.

Note: Please note that not all sizes are offered in all fold options/formats.

​​Select the right type of paper

Have you ever thought about what type of paper is typically used for leaflets and how it can impact the success of your marketing campaign? Choosing the right paper for your leaflet advertising can be a game-changer. It's incredible how a seemingly small detail can make a significant impact on the success of your efforts.

Paper exists in different grades of thickness and is measured in gsm – Grams per Square Metre. Different weights serve different purposes, so it’s essential to carefully consider your campaign needs to ensure the best possible outcome. Though there are no hard and fast rules regarding paperweight, some types will be more obviously suitable than others.

One pro tip: When deciding on your paper weight, consider how long you want the leaflets to last and who will receive them.

1. Ideal for Advertising - 90 gsm

A 90gsm leaflet is highly convenient for distribution. Despite being slightly thinner than standard printing paper, 90gsm paper offers decent durability, ensuring your flyers can withstand handling without tearing or creasing easily. People often use this type of leaflet to keep costs low because they need to distribute them to a larger audience.

2. A versatile option - 150 gsm

A 150gsm flyer is a popular choice for many different business sectors, 150 gsm paper is 2x as thick as regular printing paper, making it more sturdy and less likely to crease. This thickness gives the flyer a professional look and feel, making it an excellent option for most campaigns.

3. Long-lasting premium leaflets - 250 gsm

When it comes to making a lasting impression in the hospitality and retail industries, 250gsm leaflets are the way to go. They are 3x thicker than regular printing paper, giving a sturdy and luxurious feel that will catch people's attention.

Select the appropriate paper finish to show your leaflet off

You just sorted the paperweight for your leaflet. But wait, have you considered the right finish to compliment it? Do not assume that the shiniest one will do the trick - the finish you choose can make all the difference. Let us explore a variety of options to ensure that your printed leaflets make a lasting impression.

Glossy paper - Ideal for images and some text

If you want your leaflets to look eye-catching, go for a shiny gloss finish. Gloss is quite a popular choice for promotional leaflets because it makes the images look more vibrant and luxurious.

So, when should you go for a gloss finish?

Consider using a gloss finish when you want to showcase detailed designs and vibrant pictures. Gloss enhances colour definition and makes everything look its best. However, avoid gloss if you need the item to be easily writable, as its coating reduces ink absorption, which may affect legibility on forms, like application or donation forms.

Silk - Ideal for a highly visual leaflet

Silk tends to be the most popular finish. It has a soft, fabric-like texture that provides a premium feel, highlighting your products and services.

So, when should you go for a silk finish?

If your leaflet has a combination of images and text, opting for a silk finish can be a favourable choice. While it may not be as shiny as gloss paper, it offers a higher sheen level compared to matt and uncoated finishes. This choice will provide your prints with a polished and sleek finishing touch.

Uncoated - Ideal for high text and some imagery

Unlike gloss or silk finishes, the uncoated paper doesn't have a shiny coating (not coated with surface sealant), which gives it a more natural and muted appearance. This ensures that your text is not distracted by shiny reflections. However, if you still want to have an element to pop out easily to attract customers, you can incorporate attractive colours too. There are numerous stunning shades that complement the uncoated finish perfectly.

So, when should you go for uncoated paper?

If you want your leaflets to have a sophisticated, modest feel that is not overly shiny or reflective, a uncoated finish can be worth considering.

Recyclable style paper

Recycled paper is just as it sounds – paper that has been recycled and repurposed. Typically, recycled paper can only be used up to six times due to the shortening of its fibers. Therefore, with this leaflet, you can be satisfied knowing that you are being eco-friendly while also making the most of your campaign.

So, when should you choose this paper finish?

If your leaflets are highly text focussed, this is the way to go. It makes reading much easier, especially under bright lights, as the paper's surface doesn't reflect any light.

Leaflet distribution offer
Leaflet distribution offer

Did you know all of Leafletdrop’s flyers are now FSC Certified?

FSC stands for 'Forest Stewardship Council,' signifying that the paper comes from responsibly managed forests. That means with Leafletdrop, you can now advertise in an environmentally responsible way!

Start making a difference

Follow brand guidelines on design

When it comes to leaflet designing, your brand guidelines are critical to creating a solid and recognisable identity for your business. Consistency is the key – that means your brand identity should stay in line across all your marketing media, including your logo, fonts, colors and tone of your voice.

By adhering to these guidelines, you can ensure that your leaflets align with your brand’s image and values, which helps to build trust and loyalty among your target audience. In short, a well-designed leaflet that reflects your brand’s identity can help you stand out from the competition and make a lasting impression on potential customers.

Getting your leaflets printed with Leafletdrop

When it comes to making a lasting impression with your copy and design, it's all about finding the perfect balance. At Leafletdrop, we can help you achieve that.

  • Variety of different printing options: Whether it's a magnificent matt or a simple gloss, we have the ability to bring your artwork to life! And you can choose from a range of printing options, including paperweights from 90 GSM through to 250 GSM and paper sizes from A6-DL. If you're not sure what's best for your business, we've got a team on hand to help you decide!
  • All-in-one print and distribution service: We make it as simple as possible for you to get your message out there with our all-in-one print and distribution service. Just sign-up, navigate through our campaign builder and select print and distribution when prompted. It’s that easy!
  • Distributed by Royal Mail: We use Royal Mail for distributions to ensure best customer reliability. Your leaflets will be delivered alongside the post and with no competing flyers for maximum stand out on the doormat.

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