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Busting Leaflet Advertising Myths

Busting Leaflet Advertising Myths

Advertising techniques are always changing, and sometimes it can feel as if print media and leafleting is outdated. However, this is simply not true. At Leafletdrop, we will be busting the myths on leaflet advertising and giving you the truth about how Leafletdrop can benefit your small business, helping it grow and flourish.

Myth | Leafletdrops just get thrown away

Fact | Many people have the preconceived idea that Leaflets are just thrown away. Leafletdrops are interacted with more than people think. 92%* say they do in fact read the leaflets they receive and the average piece of leaflet advertising stays in the home for 6.9 days*. 20%* of leaflet advertising is also shared around the household, and therefore isn’t immediately thrown away. 

Myth | Leafletdrops don’t drive Brand Engagement

Fact | When comparing the strength of the brains response, Mail scores 0.77, compared to Email at 0.58 and Social Media at 0.57. A reading of 0.7 or more indicates a response that is likely to be powerful enough to impact future behaviour. Therefore, the brain responds more strongly to mail compared to email & social media.*

Myth | Leafletdrop lacks the reach digital channels have

Fact | Leafletdrop has a fantastic reach! We use Royal Mail to who can deliver to nearly every home in the UK. That is almost 30 million houses all of which can be effectively targeted.

Myth | It takes ages to arrange!

Fact | It takes minutes to book a campaign on Leafletdrop. Sign up for free and book a campaign online then leave everything else to us.

Myth | I can never get the sectors I want

Fact | 99% of postcode sectors are rarely fully booked, the only reason you may not get your postcode sectors are because there may be a competing item at the same time. Therefore, your leaflet will not land on the door mat at the same time as your competitor.

Myth | I can’t book Christmas

Fact | Leafletdrops are available all year round. Therefore, no matter the season or time of year, we can support your leaflet advertising needs.

To make the most of your leaflet advertising campaign there are a few simple steps you can take to create a successful Leafletdrop:

  • Agree your objectives – Have a clear idea what you want you campaign to achieve
  • Target the right people – Have an understanding of who your best customers are, where do they live and how do they reach your business?
  • Your offer and What to Say – Is there something you offer that would make you stand out from your competitors? Can you give an incentive to entice people to respond?
  • The creative and print – You want your advert to stand out on the doormat, so make sure the design and format is something people would notice.
  • Response and Measurement – Consider how you want your customers to respond to you; a visit in store, website, phone or email? And does your leaflet fit in with your other marketing communications?

At Leafletdrop we provide you with the ability to access market leading Doordrop distribution and print through a one stop shop web platform. Sign up for free today and try it out for yourself.

Sign up today to get your first leaflet campaign underway
Sign up today to get your first leaflet campaign underway

Sign up today to get your first leaflet campaign underway

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