If like ours, your email inboxes have been flooded with opt in requests, prize draws for your data and all other GDPR emails, then this is probably because GDPR means, they can no longer flood your emails without your permission. Meaning their databases or yours could be taking a bit of a hit.

We are not here to advise on best practice for GDPR compliance, however what we can say is that door to door Leaflet Advertising could be the answer to your database troubles.

Due to Leafletdrop using anonymous data, with no personal information, you can find your target audience and book your leaflet distribution campaign all online, without any data at all. We call it a GDPR compliant customer acquisition channel.

Leaflet advertising cuts through the digital clutter and lands on the doormat, meaning it can’t be deleted with one click.

Door to door leaflet advertising can get your brand on the doormat of nearly every home in the UK and is proven to drive consumers online and will increase your opt-ins and help in getting your database looking normal again.

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