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Leaflet Distribution Services in Manchester

Should you want to shout about your business to customers in Manchester, Leafletdrop campaigns are a fast, effective and wallet-friendly way of getting your message across. Whatever type of business you’re in, from restaurants to charitiesutility providers to estate agents, leaflet advertising can build your sales, increase awareness and grow your brand. 

Why advertise with leaflets in Manchester?

According to recent research, 9 in 10 people are happy to receive unaddressed mail from retailers. With over half a million people living in Manchester alone, there is a huge potential customer base for you to tap into. Leaflet distribution in Manchester has helped many businesses already with Royal Mail stating that 92% of all households read the leaflets they receive through the door. 

Why Leafletdrop for your Manchester leaflet distributions?

With Leafletdrop's professional services, you can book an entire campaign in the Manchester area online, in minutes, saving you more time to focus on your business. YYou can find your local target audience in the area with our smart targeting tool, book high-quality print in a wide range of paper types and your targeted distribution. Alongside printing, you can also have your leaflet designed with us saving you time and keeping everything in one place. Leaflet distributions are carried out by Royal Mail in the Manchester area alongside a household's normal post.

Leafletdrop targeting services in Manchester

Leafletdrop allows you to target your Manchester households online with our smart targeting tool. Choose your specific locations within Manchester and see what households are more likely to respond to your leaflets using our demographic targeting. It is simple to use and no data is required. You can also book high quality print and Royal Mail distributions all through our easy to use booking tool. Try our targeting tool for free now and start finding your target households in Manchester today.

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  • Leaflet Distribution Statistics for Manchester

    Household Statistics 

    There are over 450,000 households within Manchester. This means lots of opportunities to target within the area with our leaflet distribution services. Our targeting tool shows:

    • Over 200,000 households have a couple without children living in them.
    • Families with children in either Primary or Secondary school live in nearly 100,000 households.
    • Over 300,000 households are occupied by those in later life.

    Business Statistics 

    Last year Manchester saw a 58% rise in the number of businesses operating from the area. With this comes more need to cut through the competition with effective advertising.

    • Over 25,000 businesses operate in the Manchester area as of 2018. 
    • This was 20% higher compared to the national average.
    • Leafletdrop has distributed nearly 500,000 leaflets in Manchester.
  • Leaflet Distribution Prices in Manchester

    Leaflet distribution prices vary based on a few different factors, these include:

    • Whether you need print or just the distribution
    • Print formats
    • The amount you need to print
    • The amount you need to distribute

    Additionally, with Leafletdrop, booking more leaflets can lead to greater savings! An increasing number of leaflets in your campaign can result in significant cost savings for both print and distribution through volume-related discounts, where the cost per leaflet decreases as the quantity ordered increases. And, you save even more when you add multiple areas to your campaign.

    Leafletdrop prices usually start from around 7p per leaflet for distribution. Use our handy pricing calculator to get an idea of cost before you sign up or book.

Leafletdrop leaflet advertising services
Leafletdrop leaflet advertising services

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Leaflet Distribution Areas in Manchester

Leaflet Distribution Areas in Manchester

Below are the leaflet distribution areas we cover in Manchester:

  • Manchester (M1, M2, M3, M4, M5, M6, M7, M8, M9, M11, M12, M13, M14, M15, M16, M18, M25, M27, M40, M60, M99)

M1 1, M1 2, M1 3, M1 4, M1 5, M1 6, M1 7 M2 1, M2 2, M2 3, M2 4, M2 5, M2 6, M2 7 M3 1, M3 2, M3 3, M3 4, M3 5, M3 6, M3 7 M4 1, M4 2, M4 3, M4 4, M4 5, M4 6, M4 7 M5 3, M5 4 M6 5, M6 6, M6 7, M6 8 M7 1, M7 2, M7 3, M7 4 M8 0, M8 4, M8 5, M8 8, M8 9 M9 0, M9 4, M9 5, M9 6, M9 7, M9 8 M11 2, M11 3, M11 4 M12 4, M12 5, M12 6 M13 0, M13 9 M14 4, M14 5, M14 6, M14 7 M15 4, M15 5, M15 6 M16 7, M16 9 M18 8 M25 0, M25 1, M25 3, M25 9 M27 4, M27 5, M27 6, M27 8, M27 9 M40 1, M40 2, M40 5, M40 7, M40 8, M40 9 M60 0, M60 1, M60 2, M60 4, M60 6, M60 7, M60 8, M60 9 M99 1, M99 2

  • Salford (M3, M5, M6, M7, M27, M28, M30, M38, M44, M50)
  • Sale (M32, M33, M41)
10% off for new customers with code NEW10
10% off for new customers with code NEW10

10% off for new customers with code NEW10

Get a 10% discount on distribution costs if you have not booked with Leafletdrop or our distribution partners within the last 18 months.

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