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The Ultimate Guide to Leaflet Advertising

A Guide to Leaflet Distribution and Advertising

What to do, what not to do, what the rules are, and how to make sure your campaign is successful.

Whether you are a leaflet marketing novice or veteran, our essential guide to leaflet advertising offers useful tips, marketing strategies, and how to be compliant, from Leafletdrop the UK’s leading leaflet distribution companies. 

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Our leaflet advertising guide is broken down into easily digestible sections and covers the fundamentals of leaflet advertising to help you achieve a great ROI, get the best customer insights, and, most importantly, get valuable leads and sales!

What is leaflet advertising?

Leaflet advertising is a powerful marketing strategy that involves creating and distributing well-designed leaflets to a targeted audience. These leaflets convey information about a business, its products or services, promotions, and more. They are tangible which helps you connect with potential customers, leaving a lasting impression and motivating them to take action. Whether you are a small local business or a larger corporation, leaflet advertising is a cost-effective and effective way to reach the right people and boost your sales.

How effective is leaflet advertising?

Leaflet advertising can be a highly efficient marketing strategy when executed effectively. This traditional form of advertising remains relevant in the digital age due to its tangible and personal nature. Think about it – when you get a well-designed leaflet in your mailbox, it's pretty hard to ignore, right? You are holding something tangible in your hands. By distributing leaflets strategically, businesses can target specific geographic areas, ensuring their message reaches their target audience.

And when you integrate leaflet advertising into an omnichannel strategy, it becomes even more effective. This means being present both offline (with leaflets) and online (via website or social media). These two approaches work together to strengthen your brand, making leaflets a unique and versatile tool within your overall marketing mix.

How much does leaflet advertising cost?

Using leaflet distribution is a budget-smart move that can significantly boost your return on investment (ROI). Now, speaking of the cost – how much are we looking at here? Well, that depends on a few things, like how many households you are aiming for, what kind of paper you want, and whether you need printing.

The good news is that Leafletdrop has this handy pricing calculator that makes it super simple to figure out what your leaflet advertising might cost. So you can plan your campaign while keeping your budget in check.

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What kind of business should use leaflet advertising?

From small local businesses like restaurants and gyms to larger enterprises, leaflet advertising can benefit a wide range of businesses. Whether you are the friendly neighbourhood bakery or a national retail chain, leaflets can effectively reach your target audience.

Additionally, marketing agencies looking to broaden their service offerings can seamlessly integrate leaflet advertising into their client's marketing mix. This adaptability makes leaflet advertising a valuable tool for businesses of all sizes.

What volume should a leaflet campaign be for best results?

Your leaflet advertising strategy should be tailored to your specific business goals and audience type. For businesses with a broad customer base, such as franchises, e-commerce brands, or event promoters seeking to maximise visibility, an ideal approach is to conduct a larger, widespread campaign by distributing a higher volume of leaflets, typically around 250,000 or more

However, it's important to remember that small businesses with more niche markets or limited budgets should not be discouraged. A more localised campaign of 15,000 to 25,000 leaflets can yield significant results when well targeted. This is why our online leaflet targeting tool is ideal for retail & hospitality, home services, schools and other local businesses to focus campaigns on reaching their specific target audience effectively.

In the world of leaflet advertising, the key is to align your campaign volume with your business goals and budget, ensuring that even smaller campaigns can be impactful provided its focused and reaching the right target audience through Leafletdrop.

How often should you run leaflet advertising campaigns? 

The ideal campaign frequency is very much industry and goal specific, considering seasonality and other factors. As with all marketing, however, brand awareness and anticipative marketing are all part of keeping the conversation going! So, the ideal frequency for your leaflet campaigns will often be as often as possible.

Read more about the ideal frequency for a leaflet advertising campaign.

How to make offers compelling and effective?

Consumers are inundated daily with offers and discounts, which is why it is so important to ensure that your marketing campaigns are targeted, regardless of channel to avoid wasting your budget on an indifferent audience. 

By going out of your way to offer the very best benefit for a new or existing customer, the likelihood that they will want to use your company over a competitor will increase exponentially. 

How to finding the best target audience for your leaflet advertising campaign?

Marketing to the right audience is one of the most critical elements to any marketing campaign’s success. Knowing who your audience is, identifying where they are and working to promote your products and services to them in a way that they can relate to could be what stands between a great campaign and having to explain yourself to stakeholders.

Read more about how to identify the ideal target audience for your leaflet campaign.

What are the pillars of effective leaflet design?

You’ve found your ideal demographic and have found the means to distribute leaflets at a competitive price – if your design does not hit the mark, then this is a wasted opportunity. After all, people notice colours and design before they read anything. 

The key pillars of leaflet design include things like how you display offers, the quality of the paper, what the goals are and who the audience is. For example, a leaflet targeting the elderly with too small text and a QR code to find out more isn’t likely to garner much of a response.

Read more about the pillars of effective leaflet design.

Leaflet distribution offer
Leaflet distribution offer

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Browse our array of leaflet template designs and save your favourites for your next leaflet advertising campaign.

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How to measure the success of a leaflet campaign?

As with all marketing channels, you need to consider ROI to establish how successful your campaign was. Learning how to measure ROI for a print marketing campaign can be achieved using a variety of simple tools and processes, such as recording data and campaign tracking.

Read more about how to measure the success of a door drop campaign.

How can Leafletdrop help you?

Leafletdrop is the leading leaflet distribution company in the UK, having delivered over 217 million leaflets since we began in 2018 for a wide variety of industries and demographics. Leafletdrop’s online campaign targeting tool enables our customers to strategically define their target audience and identify the best locations to distribute their leaflet campaigns for maximum return on investment. Our services cover everything from campaign planning and leaflet design to printing and distribution via the Royal Mail. 

Get in touch with us to put the insights from this article into practice and make your leaflet advertising campaign a success!

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