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How to Create a Focused National Leaflet Campaign

How to Create a Focused National Leaflet Campaign

For the majority of businesses that consider leaflet advertising as a marketing method, it will be local leaflet distribution they turn to. This makes sense for a lot of firms, such as takeaway businesses that only operate within a certain area, who have little need to appeal to people outside of their delivery radius for example.

Yet for certain companies, both new and established, there may be a need to target a greater audience outside of just one town or city. Whether it’s just a wider area within the same county you are based or on a full national level, it’s still possible to create a focused campaign.

Why Run a National Leaflet Campaign?

The main reason for choosing to run a national rather than local leaflet distribution campaign is when you operate a business that is looking to expand into new areas. It needs to be a company that offers delivery to the areas being targeted, such as an online seller or expert services that will travel outside of their local region for jobs. Or it could be one that is expanding to open a new restaurant, office, shop or anything else in the area. Charities and government campaigns are often delivered on a widespread blanket scale, such as with the swine flu concerns in 2009.

Plus, all the same benefits that apply to local leaflet distribution do for national leaflet campaigns too. Where necessary, you can tailor the designs to specific areas, by simply changing the contact details to a local phone number or adding in the name of the town or city, for example. Or for ease you can use the same leaflet design across all regions.

Narrow Down Your Target Areas

It’s still important to refine the homes you wish to target in each individual town or city based on the demographics of your target market. This will make it more cost-effective than simply sending unaddressed mail to every property in one place. If your business has a specific customer base, then only targeting homes that meet these parameters is best.

For example, using our leaflet targeting tool you can easily aim for the homes of families, early, mid and late life people. This can be essential for helping your business reach its target audience, whether you offer a specific product or service that will appeal to one more than the other. You can add in the income bracket, postcode and radius to further refine it for each area.

Start Your Campaign with Leafletdrop

At Leafletdrop we operate on a national and local level, with a number of local leaflet distribution centres around the UK. This makes it possible for us to help you arrange a national leaflet campaign but also focus on local areas at a micro level, thanks to our wide network and expertise. We make it as easy as possible, helping you reach the right homes and distributing leaflets by Royal Mail alongside the post. High quality, hassle free printing is available too.  

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