Leaflet design tips

Getting your message across clearly and with impact is a key aspect of any effective leaflet advertising campaign. Here we have outlined a few tips to remember when designing your leaflet.

Key Message

This is the most important piece of any communication. What is the single most important thing that will make someone buy your product or want your service? Why is someone going to want what you can provide?




Get the reader’s attention. Your leaflet has to stand out from the crowd and make people read it. A way of doing this is to have an eye-catching headline on the front for example ‘free gift’ or ‘exclusive deal’.


Capture the customers’ interest by asking what is the benefit going to be to them?




You can inspire desire by putting a limit on the offer you are giving e.g. there are a limited number available.


Providing evidence is a good way to show other people that your claims are genuine: provide customer testimonials, money-back guarantees or scientific proof of your offer. You can read one of our testimonials here.




The best call to action is written plainly and precisely so that the customer is clear about what they need to do next. Give a clear deadline for customers to respond by and be clear about how you want them to respond: visit you, call you or go online.

Watch our handy leaflet design tips video here

Source: Royal Mail Market Reach