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Why leaflet advertising?

What is the first thing you think of when I say letterbox leaflet advertising  

Maybe a recycling bin?

Bulk Junk Mail?

A waste of paper?

What if I told you that of all the leaflets delivered in the UK, 92% of them are read?

And that leaflets are kept in the home for an average of 38 days?

So how do you keep your leaflet from being bulk junk mail and recycled?

The key is to be relevant, and to be relevant you have to find the right audience.

Doordrop leaflet advertising can actually be more targeted than you may think

You have the ability to find where your target audience are more likely to live.

Deliveries are usually made by postal sectors as seen here

Within these postal sectors we can see who are more likely to respond to your leaflet via life stages such as early life, mid life, families and later life.

These can be broken down even further for more refined targeting

But, how can you find your target postal sectors, quality printers and reliable distributors?

Introducing to Leafletdrop

It is your online leaflet advertising tool where you can sign up, target your households, book printers and distribution or just distribution to your target sectors, all online, all within minutes.

And it’ s completely anonymised, so no GDPR headaches

Try it today at

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