Why Use Leaflet Distribution and Leaflet Advertising

Leaflet distribution and advertising continues to be one of the most effective advertising tools in the marketeer’s arsenal and provides a cost-effective means to get your product or company in front of the 27.1 million households in the UK.

Our experience and that of our client’s is supported by JICMAIL, an independent industry-led group who provide supporting evidence and clear insights in their Annual Report.

Key findings from this report show that:-

  • Most households receive 1.3 items of addressed mail daily
  • On average, households get one door drop item for each addressed mail item. Households naturally vary in occupants, incomes and interests but typically younger households that fall within the C2DE receive a lower volume of leaflet drops
  • ABC1 households with children will get more addressed mail and in turn more leaflet drops (read more about leaflet targeting)
  • Addressed mail has a 65% open rate – a score that far exceeds digital communications
  • Once a leaflet advertising brochure reaches the typical household, it is read by 1.2 people and is read or revisited 4.2 times. Once within a household there is significant scope for continuity of your marketing reach
  • Sharing is caring and 1 in 10 leaflet campaigns are passed on and on average each piece is revisited three times

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