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Do you have a question about targeting? We have tried to think of any questions you may have on Leafletdrop's targeting tool. See these FAQs here

Q. Do you have any hints or tips on targeting?

A. Yes. Head over to our 'blog' page where you can find a page dedicated to our targeting tool and how to best use it.

Q. How do I add multiple postcodes or cities?

A. You can add multiple sectors, one at a time. For example, find your target audience in Birmingham then add the sectors. You will then be shown a link to say 'add a new area'

Q. How many households can I target in a single campaign?

A. The minimum distribution volume for a campaign is 7,500 households, and the maximum is 1,000,000. If you would like us to produce and distribute a campaign for a higher volume of households, please email us: leafletdrop@whistl.co.uk

Q. How do I select the right households to target?

A. Leafletdrop gives you access to a total of over 27 million households in the UK. You can target postcodes around your business either by selecting a geographical radius or drive-time for distribution, and by identifying relevant households based on your target audience.

Q. How do I see a list of my target sectors?

A. At the very bottom of the targeting toolbar, you can click on 'Manage target areas manually'. This will bring up a list of all your target sectors within your search and you can click to add and remove them here too.

Q. Can I download a list of my target postal sectors?

A. We don’t offer a direct download, however you can copy and paste the list from our 'Manage target areas manually' section, straight into an excel spreadsheet. Alternatively, you can copy and paste them from the summary page before placing your order.

Q. Can I book different versions of leaflets for different areas? 

A. Yes. We are working hard to enable you to do this online. In the meantime, if you would like to book specific versions for different distribution areas please email us at leafletdrop@whistl.co.uk or call 01628 816 611. 

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