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Do you have a question about pricing? We have tried to think of any questions you may have on Leafletdrop's pricing. See these FAQs here

Q. How much does a Leafletdrop campaign cost?

A. The cost of your campaign will depend on the service option you require.

1. For distribution only, Leafletdrop gives you a price for distributing your leaflets to your chosen target households.

2. For print and distribution, Leafletdrop gives you one all-inclusive price for printing, transporting and distributing your leaflets to your target households based on the leaflet size, style, format and quantity you choose.

View our pricing section to get a quote if you have a specific mail format and/or campaign volume in mind.

Q. How can I pay for my campaign?

A. Leafletdrop uses Worldpay which accepts Visa, Mastercard and American Express payments. We also offer alternative payment methods. This is subject to eligibility, click here to apply.

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Q. Will the price on the calculator compared to my final order change?

A. As long as your campaign details don't change, then the price will stay the same. The prices shown on the calculator do exclude VAT which will be the only added extra charge at the checkout.

Please note that the per Item cost displayed is rounded to a decimal place and it is the total cost displayed that would be charged when an order is processed.

Q. Will my distribution cost change depending on my leaflet format?

A. No. This only effects the price of printing your leaflets. Distribution costs are only effected by the amount of households you would like to target. For distribution only, your leaflets must be A4 or under in size, under 20g in weight and no more than 5mm thick, anything over this may incur additional charges.

Q. What is the total cost if I only require distribution? 

A. The breakdown on the price calculator above has the individual costs for print and distribution. You can select the option 'I will organise my own print' on each leaflet drop-down menu and your chosen volume which will show only the distribution cost. Please note the weight and size requirements if printing your own leaflets on the answer above.

Q. Do you have a designer and how much does this cost?

A. Yes, we have professional designers on hand to help with all aspects of your leaflet design. Prices start from £200 and you can find more information here.

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