Leaflet distribution has always been a very cost-effective marketing tool to get your products and company in front of thousands of homes and with print coming back into vogue over digital, leaflet distribution in Newcastle and the surrounding areas has a high potential to work.

Research data shows that as many as 89% of leaflet drop recipients will remember receiving a leaflet through the post with the branding and company name being subliminally embedded in their thoughts. 45% of leaflets are also retained in the household and there can be a “trickle down” marketing impact where recipients contact the sender days, weeks or even months after originally sending the leaflets out.

Leaflet Distribution Newcastle and Tyne & Wear

Leaflet distribution campaigns in Newcastle and Tyne & Wear have a good chance of a strong return on investment based on some of the population data that makes the region an ideal target audience including:-


  • Tyne & Wear 1,106,300
  • Gateshead 190,800
  • Newcastle upon Tyne 284,300
  • North Tyneside 197,200
  • South Tyneside 152,400
  • Sunderland 281,700


  • Tyne & Wear 481,000
  • North Tyneside 89,000
  • Gateshead 85,000
  • South Tyneside 68,000
  • Newcastle upon Tyne 119,000
  • Sunderland 121,000

Why Leaflet Campaigns or “Leaflet Drops” Work

In an age where there is a growing digital apathy to marketing – we are all bombarded daily by emails, digital notifications, updates and promotional material – print is back. Data shows that recipients of door drop marketing are more likely to engage. Leaflet advertising typically has high open rates, strong continuity from receipt of printed material to taking the desired action of placing a call, clicking on a website or making a purchase.

Add clever data driven targeting that allows you to select your target radius, the typical household audiences and their income brackets and at Leafletdrop we are confident that we can help you all along the way with leaflet distribution in Newcastle. We offer full project cycle services from print, targeting and final distribution through our network of local and national distribution teams.

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